What Are Fine Lines Under Eyes?: Causes & How to Get Rid of Them

What are fine lines under eyes?

Fine lines refer to superficial lines visible on the skin. Most often than not, they appear as the skin loses elasticity over time. These types of lines are better known as static lines because they are still apparent even when the face is at rest. The area under the eyes—also known as tear trough—has the thinnest layer of skin (<1mm) in the human body. It is then very prone to injuries and premature ageing, which manifests as fine lines, darkness, and hollowness.

What are the causes of fine lines under eyes?

Usually, fine lines under the eyes happen as a result of biological ageing exacerbated by external aggressors. Genetics play a huge part in signaling ageing and its accompanying consequences such as reduced production and repair of cells. In fact, the cells are weaker and become more susceptible to damages caused by external aggressors like ultraviolet (UV) rays, smoking, pollution, harsh weather and unhealthy diet. These aggressors introduce plenty of oxidising agents that further decelerate cell synthesis as well as restoration.

Fine lines under the eyes also happen when the fragile skin is not handled with enough care. Rubbing the eyes when tired or removing makeup with excessive force injures the thin skin. Besides that, patients who do not follow proper skincare regimens may be more prone to developing under-eye fine lines. If left untreated, patients may end up with even more severe tear trough deformities and an exhausted appearance.

How to get rid of fine lines?

In order to reduce the appearance of fine lines, patients must first invest in a good skincare regimen. Patients who do use eye makeup should use a gentle makeup remover. Also, advise them to let the makeup dissolve slightly using a cotton pad soaked with makeup remover. Wipe gently instead of rubbing harshly. Your patients can also use eye creams enriched with ingredients like retinol (e.g. Zo Olluminate Intense Eye Repair Creme) to stimulate cell growth and prevent the worsening of lines. Alternatively, patients who want to immediately remove excessive fine lines can opt for dermal filler injections. Aesthetic implants made using hyaluronic acid (e.g. Belotero, Restylane, etc.) effortlessly plump superficial lines and hydrate skin for healthy-looking tear troughs. A complete facial and medical assessment will allow you to determine the best product for addressing your patient’s under-eyes fine lines.