What Causes Under Eye Wrinkles & How to Get Rid of Them?

What causes under eye wrinkles?

Since the area under the eyes is very thin and delicate, under-eye wrinkles tend to cause the skin in the tear trough region to be crepey. More often than not, patients develop under eye wrinkles due to the ageing process itself. It generally causes a decline in the cellular turnover rate, resulting in the formation of fine lines in delicate areas. Besides that, unprotected sun exposure will cause the already aged skin to weaken, intensifying the appearance of under eye fine lines. Not only that, unhealthy habits like smoking and poor diet contribute lots of harmful free radicals to the body. Another damaging habit is harsh handling of skin. For example, rubbing the eyes while removing makeup or when feeling tired will only hurt the fragile skin under the eyes.

How to get rid of under-eye wrinkles?

If left untreated, these under-eye wrinkles not only give an inaccurate perception of one’s age, they also result in messy and unattractive makeup application. Patients bothered with the appearance of these under eye wrinkles can follow the following methods:

  • Avoid unhealthy habits: Unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking excessive alcohol, and chronic exposure to sunlight without protection must be curbed. Doing so will reduce the severity of skin damage that is caused by free radicals. Not only that, patients must be taught to handle their skin, especially the skin on the under-eye area, with care. Instead of tugging the delicate skin, they should gently pat wet skin dry or when applying skincare products.


  • Adopt a suitable skincare regimen: Patients who display under-eye wrinkles are encouraged to apply gentle yet effective eye creams. These creams are usually laden with skin rejuvenating ingredients like retinol, hyaluronic acid, caffeine, and squalene to help repair skin damages and stimulate healthier cell growth. One good eye cream is Zo Olluminate Intense Eye Repair. This cream is integrated with retinol and peptide that encourage the growth of collagen fibres, for firmer and wrinkle-free skin. The cream also contains antioxidants like vitamin E and botanical extracts to protect the newly rejuvenated under-eye skin from further free radical damages. Patients must also apply good quality sunscreen (minimum SPF15) to prevent under eye wrinkles associated with UV rays.


  • Undergo dermal filler injection procedure: Patients who want immediate improvements to their under-eye wrinkles are encouraged to obtain dermal filler injections. These medical devices are usually made of hyaluronic acid gel that can be easily injected into the wrinkled skin. Hyaluronic acid is a complex carbohydrate molecule that is found abundantly in the skin. It functions to deeply hydrate the skin while supporting the activity of other dermal cells like collagen and elastin fibres. Once it is injected into the wrinkly region under the eyes, the gel instantly plumps and smoothens the wrinkles. Other under eye deformities like hollowness, dark circles, and puffiness can also be treated using soft tissue fillers. Some brands of dermal implant that are well-known for correcting under-eye wrinkles include biphasic Restylane, and monophasic Juvéderm and Belotero fillers. These fillers should be able to last for about 6 months as their cross-linked structures tend to withstand against tissue metabolism more competently compared to non-crosslinked ones.