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How Long Does It Take for Synvisc to Take Effect?

How Long Does It Take for Synvisc to Take Effect?
July 18th 2018
What is Synvisc? Synvisc is an animal-based viscosupplement that is designed and manufactured by Sanofi Genzyme, an American biotechnology company. The active ingredient in this orthopedic implant is 8mg/mL of hylan that is harvested from rooster combs—the fleshy crests on top of rooster heads—before being cross-linked using chemical agents. Hylan polymers are derivatives of hyaluronan (sodium hyaluronate) and in this implant, these polymers are chemically reticulated with each other to form a highly viscoelastic gel. Synvisc also contains other ingredients like 8.5mg/mL of sodium chloride, 0.16mg/mL of disodium hydrogen phosphate, 0.04mg/mL of sodium dihydrogen phosphate hydrate and water for injection. This orthopaedic injectable gel is intended to reduce pain and discomfort in the synovial joints caused by osteoarthritis. Once injected, it mimics the actions of the lubricating synovial fluid by reducing friction between the bones and cushioning any sudden impacts to ...

How Long Does Juvederm Filler Last Under Eyes?

How Long Does Juvederm Filler Last Under Eyes
July 17th 2018
What are the common under-eye concerns? The under-eye region—also known as the tear trough area—is susceptible to deformities like darkness, puffiness, hollowness, and fine lines. This region is very prone to developing premature ageing and damage signs as the skin is extremely thin (at just less than 1mm) and delicate. In fact, these deformities can actually be classified based on their severity, which ranges from Class 1 (Mild) to Class 3 (Severe). How is Juvederm filler used to treat these under eye aesthetic issues? Usually, patients who display tear trough deformities resort to eye creams and makeup products like concealer to banish the unsightly aesthetic issues. While eye creams require some time for the improvements to take place, makeup does not correct root cause of the under-eye deformities. Patients can opt for dermal filler injections under the eyes to effectively and instantly correct the under eye ageing concerns. One of the most reached-for brand of so ...

What is Skin Elasticity and How to Improve It?

What is Skin Elasticity and How to Improve It?
July 13th 2018
What is skin elasticity? The skin is renowned for its flexible yet firm features thanks to the specific dermal cells that make up a major portion of the skin’s structure. Of these cells, the two most important are collagen and elastin fibres, which are produced by the fibroblasts. While the collagen fibres help to form the strong framework of skin, the elastin fibres allow the skin to stretch and bounce back after movements. The health and functionality of these cells are maintained by hyaluronic acid, an intricately-shaped carbohydrate molecule which deeply hydrates the fibres to prevent premature deterioration. What are the indications of an inelastic skin? At its best, skin appears supple, soft, and firm with very little blemishes. Unfortunately, the biological ageing process signalled by one’s genetics usually causes a deterioration in the quantity and quality of the dermal cells. More often than not, external ageing factors like smoking, pollution ...