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Best Injectable Dermal Fillers for Under Eye Hollows Treatment

Dark eye circles treatment - BEFORE and AFTER
July 13th 2018
What is under-eye hollowness? Under-eye hollowness is a type of tear trough deformity that could mar one’s appearance. This aesthetic issue is usually caused by ageing. Besides that, some patients also experience unintentional loss of facial fat pads, which leads to inevitable downward sliding of the skin. The appearance of under-eye hollowness can also be exacerbated by lifestyle habits like poor sleep quality, dehydration, and malnutrition. What is the best dermal filler for correcting under eye hollowness? For instant results, patients can choose to undergo dermal filler injection procedures. This aesthetic procedure is usually conducted by a certified medical professional specialising in administering dermal fillers. Just like any other medical procedure, this treatment session must be conducted under strict aseptic standards to reduce the risk of infections on patients whose medical history have been extensively reviewed. The patient’s extent of under-eye hollown ...

What is Hypopigmentation?: Causes & Treatment Methods

What is Hypopigmentation? Causes & Treatment Methods
July 12th 2018
What is hypopigmentation? Melanocytes, the factories that produce natural pigments, are distributed at the base of the epidermis. These pigment cells release protein melanin continuously. This protein structure is carried by keratinocytes to the superficial surface of the skin, which will eventually determine one’s skin, hair, and eye colour. A dark-skinned person simply has more melanin compared to a person who is fair-skinned. While the pigmentation of the skin is usually influenced by one’s racial origin, the amount of sunlight exposure can also alter the skin pigmentation. The skin pigmentation and its response to ultraviolet (UV) rays can be classified based on the Fitzpatrick scale. Unfortunately, one’s skin pigmentation can be affected when the normal synthesis of melanin gets altered. One such skin pigmentation disorder is hypopigmentation; it is a skin disease that is marked by a distinctive loss of pigments in the skin, resulting in patches of skin that a ...

Cheek Augmentation With Injectable Dermal Fillers

Cheek Augmentation With Injectable Dermal Fillers
July 12th 2018
What is a cheek augmentation procedure? The cheek extends superiorly to the zygomatic arch, posteriorly to the ear, inferiorly to the margin of the mandible, and anteriorly to the corner of the mouth. It can be divided into 4 major topographic areas: the zygomatic, buccal, infra-orbital, and parotid-masseteric regions. These fleshy areas are innervated by the buccal nerve and a major portion of facial fat tissue—known as the malar fat pad—is located underneath the cheeks. The fat pads help to give healthy and fuller appearance to the cheeks. Unfortunately, ageing usually causes a deterioration of the volumising fat pads, resulting in drooping cheeks, a sagging jawline, undefined cheekbones, and even sunken cheeks. If left uncorrected, these aesthetic issues could give an inaccurate perception of one’s age. Patients can undergo a cheek augmentation procedure to effectively improve the shape of their cheeks. How are the cheeks augmented? Patients who are displayin ...