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What is Hyaluronidase Injection Used For & What are Its Side Effects?

What is Hyaluronidase Injection Used For & What are Its Side Effects?
July 4th 2018
What is hyaluronidase? Hyaluronidase is a type of enzyme existing naturally in the human body. It functions by breaking down the natural membranous barriers in tissues. Once the membranes are broken down, injected solutions can penetrate easily into the targeted cells without losing important bioavailability. What is hyaluronidase injection used for? As hyaluronidase serves as an excellent agent in increasing tissue permeability, it is widely used in various medical procedures: Reducing excessive bleeding after childbirth; Improving contrast of dyes in the body for better X-ray results;    Improving penetration of solutions administered via subcutaneous injections; Improving penetration of local anaesthetics administered in the eyes or fractures. Hyaluronidase also has an important role in aesthetic treatments whereby it is used to break down hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers. Sometimes, patients may not be completely satisfied with the results of fill ...

Ellanse Filler: Uses & Side Effects

What is Ellanse Filler Used For & What are the Side Effects?
July 3rd 2018
WHAT IS ELLANSE FILLER? Ellanse is a brand of injectable fillers that are free from potentially-harmful pyrogen and latex. Completely bioresorbable, these implants are composed of poly-e-caprolactone (PCL), a potent polyester. The PCL microspheres are homogenously suspended in a gel carrier that is made of carboxymethylcellulose (CMC), glycerin, and phosphate buffered saline. The Ellanse brand comprises four fillers, Ellanse S, M, L, and E, which are differentiated based on their duration of action, with Ellanse S lasting for about a year and Ellanse E lasting for approximately 4 years. Ellanse is designed, manufactured and marketed by AQTIS Medical BV. WHAT ARE THE INDICATIONS OF ELLANSE? The active ingredient in Ellanse fillers, PCL microspheres, is well-known due to its strong biostimulating property. Once injected into the skin, the gel carrier instantly corrects the aesthetic imperfections via volumization, while PCL microspheres increase the restoration and production of ...

How Long Does Restylane Injection Last in the Lips?

How Long Does Restylane Last in the Lips?
July 3rd 2018
What is the anatomy of the lips? Not only are the lips responsible for eating, they are also very important for proper speech articulation and numerous facial expressions. Compared to other parts of the face which could consist of up to 16 layers of skin, the lips are only made of a meagre 3 to 5 layers of skin. The very thin layer of skin combined with extensive network of blood supply as well as nerve cells underneath contribute to the heightened tactile sensation of the lips. The lips are also a vital erogenous zone, which plays a huge role in intimacy. What are the common lip deformities faced by patients? While the shape and size of lips are directly influenced by genetics, lifestyle habits and ethnicity, they can also fluctuate based on age. Most patients notice that their lips thin as they grow older and this could be due to the fact that the ageing process cause a sharp decline in the repair and growth of numerous cells (e.g. hyaluronic acid, collagen, etc.) in the lips. ...