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How Long Does Juvederm Last? All Products Covered

How Long Does Juvederm Last?
May 23rd 2018
What is Juvederm? Juvederm is a popular brand of dermal fillers around the world. These aesthetic treatments are popular in part because they are renowned for their longevity compared to other similar filler products. How Long Does Juvederm Last? Based on findings in clinical trials, some Juvederm soft tissue fillers tend to last up to year and beyond with optimal treatment conditions. For instance, Juvederm Volbella XC lasts up to 1 year, Juvederm Voluma XC lasts up to 2 years, Juvederm Ultra XC for up to 1 year, and Juvederm Ultra Plus XC lasts up to 1 year or more. In order to maintain results, patients need to return for repeat or touch-up treatments. For this reason, a dermal filler that provides longer-lasting results is often preferable and more cost-effective for the patient in the long run. The longevity of hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers, that is, the durability of the results of a dermal filler treatment, depends on several factors. The formulation of the dermal ...

Juvederm Ultra 4: Uses & Side Effects

What is Juvederm Ultra 4 Used For & What are Its Side Effects?
May 22nd 2018
What is Juvederm Ultra 4? Juvederm Ultra 4 is a dermal filler containing hyaluronic acid (HA) that is used to smooth the skin by filling in skin depressions. It is used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, mainly around the lips and nose. Juvederm Ultra 4 is also known as Juvederm Ultra Plus XC in the United States. What is Juvederm Ultra 4 used for? Juvederm Ultra 4 is injected into the skin to add volume to, refine or contour the treatment area and smooth out wrinkles. It is indicated for the correction of moderate to severe wrinkles and folds, including nasolabial folds. Side effects The most common side effects are cause by the injection process. These typically resolve on their own and include the following: Slight redness Swelling Inflammation Bruising To ensure that these side effects do not occur, do not inject this filler if you are not a licensed injector. If you are a licensed injector, always follow the use instructions listed in the product pamphlet. It is ...

What are Crow's Feet?: Causes and Treatment

What are Crow's Feet?: Causes and Treatment
May 22nd 2018
What are Crow’s Feet? Crow’s feet are the wrinkles that fan out at the corner of the eyes. They are often referred to as laugh lines but are mainly associated with ageing. Many patients many prematurely start to see these lines form around their eyes due to the constant movement of the underlying muscles. Crow’s Feet Causes The number 1 contributor to crow’s feet is age. Younger skin has ample collagen and elastin in it. But, as a person ages, both of these substances decrease. In addition to age, facial muscles tend to weaken with time, which makes it difficult for the skin to stay smooth and younger looking. Another reason crow’s feet may appear is due to extensive direct sun exposure, as it damages the skin with free radicals, the skin is more likely to age prematurely. In addition to treating crow’s feet, patients are recommended to begin a skincare regime to keep the skin healthy. Prevention and treatment  If your patients want to ...