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Do Botox Injections Work for Under Eye Wrinkles?

Published on: Jul 27, 2018

What are under-eye wrinkles?

Under-eye wrinkles are the fine lines that appear on the skin around the periorbital region. Since this area is made of extremely thin layer of skin, and is involved in a lot of facial movements, wrinkles set in gradually as the ageing process happens. These under eye wrinkles could be a combination of both dynamic (caused by facial muscle movements) and static (caused by skin inelasticity) lines. Though these lines give patients unique characteristics by highlighting their facial features, they can also make the patients look haggard and older than their real age.

How can Botox be used to treat under eye wrinkles?

Under-eye wrinkles, particularly dynamic lines, can be corrected using Botox (BTX) injection. This muscle relaxing medicine from Allergan contains extensively purified and therapeutic amount of vacuum-dried botulinum toxin type A that is isolated from Hall strain of Clostridium botulinum bacteria. This neuromuscular paralytic agent is renowned for its excellent muscle-relaxing activity. Following intramuscular injection of the toxin solution, it inhibits the activity of nerves that are responsible for muscle contractions. Patients with under-eye wrinkles will notice a stark reduction in severity of those wrinkles after the treatment session.

What is the BTX injection technique for treating under-eye wrinkles?

Following reconstitution of Botox powder with the appropriate amount of solvent, the prepared toxin solution is then injected directly under the skin. The exact dose of botulinum toxin depends on patientsā€™ physiology. Once the under-eye area had been corrected adequately, any remaining toxin solution is disposed after it had been inactivated using dilute hypochlorite solution (0.5%). Only a licensed and skilled health-care practitioner is allowed to perform this procedure on patients whose medical information had been thoroughly reviewed.

How long does the results of Botox injections last?

American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) states that the muscle-relaxing effects should start becoming noticeable about a week after the initial treatment session. However, these effects are only temporary. On average, the aesthetic outcomes of Botox treatment are expected to last between 3 to 6 months, depending on patientsā€™ health and skin status, as well as the amount of Botox injected.

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BTX side effects

Though Botox treatment is effective at temporarily erasing under-eye wrinkles, the procedure may still cause undesirable side effects in patients. The commonly reported non-permanent reactions include bruising, mild pain, droopy eyelids, and bulging fat pads around the injection sites. Other adverse health effects include double vision, breathing/swallowing difficulties, facial asymmetry, loss of muscle use in the face, and allergy-like symptoms. These serious reactions can be deadly if prompt medical attention is not obtained.

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