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6 Most Popular Dermal Fillers And Products For Glabella Lines Elimination In 2022

Published on: Jan 11, 2023

Whether we want it or not, time, stressful life, and environment cause our skin to deteriorate and lose its vigor and youthful look. However, some skin areas on a human face are even more prone to wrinkling and getting an older and grumpier look than others. Such parts are usually very mobile, connected to muscles, and involved in some sort of action all the time. 

For example, when wrinkles around the mouth are formed, they are often attributed to frequent smiling and laughing, and their reputation is mostly positive. 

The part between the brows, the glabella, has a different kind of reputation. When vertical forehead lines appear there, it is often attributed to frequent frowning, brow furrowing, and other unpleasant displays of anger and disappointment. Definitely, no one wants to be perceived in such a way or look older than their actual age. 

That’s why treatment and elimination of these lines are a point of concern for many people, both young and mature. Fortunately, scholars and aestheticians designed several successful and simple methods of glabella wrinkles treatment, so it’s high time you discover them and choose the one that is best for each of your patients.  

Are Dermal Fillers A Suitable Treatment For Glabella Lines?

The answer is yes: when you buy dermal fillers wholesale, they perform nicely as a treatment for glabella lines. The treatment is easy, does not require hospitalization or complex procedures, and the results are usually excellent. However, since the glabella area has anatomic particularities, only the dedicated dermal filler should be injected there.

The abundance of blood vessels in the area requires the application of dermal fillers that can be reversed if something goes not as planned. If a fine vessel is clogged and problems begin, the filler in the glabella should be dissolved fast and without a trace. It makes the fillers based on the hyaluronic acid that can be fully dissolved in case of adverse effects the optimal choice. The skills and experience of an injector also play a significant role in the success of the treatment.

Available Options Of Medically Approved Treatment For Glabellar Lines

Over the years of extensive medical research and practice, several options of treatment for these lines were devised, ranging from minimal invasion to surgical intervention. 

Minimal invasion treatment includes the administration of Botox and dermal fillers. Surgery is a more radical step, and it is resorted to in exceptional cases. 

  • Botox and Botox-based products act as mild myorelaxant. It means that this treatment relaxes the heavily contracted muscles of the glabella area, thus smoothing the lines and returning the skin’s appearance to smooth and healthy. 
  • Dermal fillers for glabellar lines (hyaluronic-based for this specific area) gently fill the wrinkles, thus smoothing and plumping the skin. Hyaluronic acid retains moisture, prevents the formation of new lines and improves skin condition in this sensitive area.
  • Surgical intervention is the last resort, so to speak. In medical words, the procedure is called corrugator excision or lysis because the muscle to be treated is called corrugator supercilii. In simpler terms, the muscle causing the frown is cut, the tension is released, and the skin returns to its natural flat and smooth shape (but the muscle itself is immobilized). The intervention can be performed endoscopically or directly through a small incision (that is hidden under the hairline). 

Since non-invasive treatment methods have long proved their efficiency and safety (when applied properly), the next step is to decide what fillers are most suitable and practical for application in this facial area. Here’s the top list of products to choose from for the beauty and health of facial skin.


Teosyal is a patented hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler designed specifically to augment facial areas that are constantly dynamic. The product is a transparent gel of high purity, and its composition is very close to that of the natural hyaluronic acid found in the human body. 

Teosyal has several variants dedicated to specific facial areas. Most variants are suitable for the treatment of glabellar lines, crow’s feet, and horizontal forehead lines, and there are types of gel suitable for lip augmentation.

The key advantages of Teosyal

Teosyal undergoes an extensive purification process, which makes it hypoallergenic and safe. Another important feature is its resilience to regular deformations that fillers usually undergo when injected into highly movable facial areas. This product swiftly returns to its original shape after compression or stretching and degrades gradually and slowly. One more benefit is the longevity of the product effect compared to other glabellar lines fillers.

The expected effects of Teosyal treatment

The product fills the lines and returns the skin to its normal smooth condition while retaining moisture and preventing further skin degradation.

Comparison of Teosyal before and after effects

When compared to its previous condition, the area treated with Teosyal looks much smoother, plumper, and fresher. The rejuvenation effect is also observable.

Possible side effects of Teosyal

Side effects are conditioned by the individual intolerance to the product and by the skills of an injector. Mild swelling and irritation, as well as bruising, are normal and will recede over a short period of time.

Commonly found side effects

Redness, itching, mild discomfort, swelling, and bruising are side effects that arise from mechanical intervention in the skin layers, and they should disappear in a couple of days.

Rarely found and/or serious adverse health effects

Rare effects are clogging of blood vessels in the glabella area that may lead to severe inflammation and skin damage. That’s why if the patient’s discomfort grows over time consider the need to dissolve the filler.

Longevity of the effect of Teosyal

The product has a prolonged effect, and its efficiency lasts up to 22 months (the average being 18 months). 


The product is an FDA-approved dermal filler based on hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin. The gel formula was designed to create an extra smooth skin appearance and to be easy for injecting. 

Juvederm can be injected in a variety of areas of facial skin, from the forehead to the lips. It is very effective for glabellar lines and horizontal forehead lines, among others. 

The primary advantages of Juvederm

The first advantage of using Juvederm is its texture: it is a very homogenous and smooth gel. Hence the product is easy to distribute with high precision and evenness under the skin, which is very important in the treatment of the glabella area. Another advantage is sufficient longevity of its effect, which can last up to 18 months on average (but the actual longevity depends on the individual metabolic processes of a patient).

The expected effects of Juvederm treatment

The main expected effect is softening and smoothening of the frown lines and rejuvenation of the skin through moisture retention. The appearance of the glabella area improves, and the forehead looks even and fresh. Yet the manufacturers warn that for deep glabellar lines, treatment with Juvederm alone may not be enough. Then combination of botulotoxin treatment and Juvederm treatment may be required to achieve total elimination of wrinkles in the glabella area.

Comparison of Juvederm before and after effects

The comparison of skin conditions before and after treatment testifies that this glabellar lines filler does improve the condition of the glabella area and reduces the visibility of the 11s lines.

Possible side effects of Juvederm

Side effects primarily relate to mechanical damage to the skin (injection and deposition of the product). 

Commonly found side effects

Usual side effects include mild pain, bruising, redness, swelling, and tenderness, all of which should disappear in several days.

Rarely found and/or serious adverse health effects

Rare effects may be related to individual intolerance to the product or to clogging of blood vessels that are abundant in the glabella area. If irritation and inflammation symptoms do not recede in several days, please consider the dissolution of the injected implant. Severe untreated cases of clogging can lead to skin necrosis. 

Longevity of the effect of Juvederm

The product demonstrates impressive longevity. Its effect can be visible for up to 18 months (but the exact term can be impacted by the individual peculiarities of the patient’s metabolism.

Fillmed Art Filler 

Fillmed is a transparent viscoelastic gel for injections. It consists of cross-linked purified hyaluronic acid and is similar to the substances found in the human body. Combined with a microdose of Lidocaine, the gel interacts with tissues in a painless and comfortable way, making the injection experience positive.

The gel can be applied to fix frown lines, the horizontal forehead lines, and to treat crow’s feet and peri-oral wrinkles.

The key advantages of Fillmed Art Filler

The gel is sterile, purified, and medically tested. It also causes less irritation and side effects, according to reviews provided by some patients. It is extra smooth and viscous, which is very important in the case of treatment of the glabella area. After injection, the gel distributes within the derma layers to create a natural and rejuvenated look. 

The expected effects of Fillmed Art Filler treatment

The main effect is filling the frown lines and reducing their appearance. Sometimes, for the best result, the combination of botulotoxin and filler treatment is recommended, but it depends on the depth of the lines and the severity of the problem. Usually, the filler acts well enough to be chosen as a solo treatment.

Comparison of Fillmed Art Filler before and after effects

The examination of the patient’s skin after the injection confirms that the line between the eyes is visibly reduced, and the skin gains a younger and plumper look.

Possible side effects of Fillmed Art Filler

Usually, side effects are slight and do not cause significant discomfort in patients.

Commonly found side effects 

Common side effects include mild discomfort, itching, tenderness, redness, and swelling; sometimes temporary discoloration may happen. 

Rarely found and/or serious adverse health effects

More serious adverse effects are rare, but they can also happen. Inflammation, strong allergic reaction, or blood vessel clogging may cause health aggravation, so if the discomfort does not disappear in a couple of days, please consider taking appropriate medical steps.

Longevity of the effect of Fillmed Art Filler

The longevity of the product is up to 18 months on average, but the gel implant effect will gradually diminish during this time (similarly to other fillers). 


Dysport is a medically tested and approved injectable for glabellar lines treatment when lines are caused by permanent muscle contraction. The injectable is made of purified botulinum toxin that acts as a neuromodulator. It means that the product relaxes the muscles, allowing the skin to get to its smooth flattened position and reduce the glabellar lines. Muscles stop repeating the habitual contraction movements after the treatment, and the wrinkles do not appear again as long as the effect of the Dysport lasts.

Dysport is especially suitable for treating lines of the forehead and glabellar area, but it may be applied to the neck skin after proper examination. 

The key advantages of Dysport

Dysport is a carefully purified product, which reduced the possibility of autoimmune reactions and adverse effects. The procedure of injection takes very little time, and no hospitalization or prolonged recovery is needed. The most significant advantage is that the skin improvement after the Dysport injection becomes visible in just two or three days after the treatment (while a similar Botox treatment can take up to 2 weeks for effect to become visible). 

The expected effects of Dysport treatment

Relaxed muscles do not repeat their contractions, which is the main cause of the reappearance of the frown lines. In addition, the existing lines lose the supporting muscle relief, and the skin returns to normal, which improves the appearance and reduces the lines.

Comparison of Dysport before and after effects

Before Dysport treatment, the patients’ faces feature a spasmodic furrowed look, as clinical studies report. After this filler is injected into glabellar lines, the glabella area smoothens, the furrowing relaxes, and lines are reduced visibly.

Possible side effects of Dysport 

Side effects are mild and related to the injection impact, not the product effect. They should disappear in the course of 48 hours. 

Commonly found side effects

Usually, side effects include redness, bruising, swelling, itching, and mild discomfort that does not bother the patient greatly and dissipates in 2 days.

Rarely found and/or serious adverse health effects

Adverse effects may be caused by the individual body reaction to the product and the mistakes made during the injection. Inflammation and lid and brow drooping are such effects, but fortunately, they are temporary.

Longevity of the effect of Dysport

Depending on the individual patient reaction, the results of treatment can last from 3 to 4 months, approximately.


Botox is the most known product for facial augmentation and beauty enhancement. When such Botox-based products injections are meant, they all are commonly called ‘Botox treatment’. However, Botox is a proprietary product that stands apart from Dysport or Xeomin and differs in its manufacturing process. The product is excellent for the enhancement of natural beauty (i.e., it provides the required result without adding extraneous elements to the skin layers) and is employed for a variety of wrinkling problems. It is also suitable for fixing certain medical conditions.

As a standard anti-wrinkle treatment, Botox is injected into the skin of the forehead and glabella area, as well as problematic skin areas on the neck. 

The key advantages of Botox

The product has withstood the test of time and individual remains one of the favorite facial treatments globally. It is FDA-approved, medically safe, and accessible. The total effect of the treatment unfolds in about 10 days after treatment and lasts for 3 to 4 months. In addition to wrinkle treatment, the product relaxes the muscles and reduces spasmodic moves.

The expected effects of Botox treatment

Relaxation of muscles connected to the glabella area leads to tension release and smoothening of the visible wrinkle between eyebrows. The frown lines vanish and do not reappear as long as the treatment is effective.

Comparison of Botox before and after effects

Comparison of before and after treatment images demonstrates that the forehead skin becomes relaxed and smooth, gaining a fresh and revitalized look.

Possible side effects of Botox

Side effects are usually mild and do not require any special treatment. 

Commonly found side effects 

The most reported side effects are itching, swelling, redness, tenderness, bruising, and mild pain, but they all disappear soon without any additional intervention.

Rarely found and/or serious adverse health effects

Since Botox is a relaxant, a wrongly performed injection can lead to brow or lid drooping, which is a temporary effect. Infection and severe inflammation are rare, although they cannot be ruled out completely. 

Longevity of the Botox treatment results 

On average, the effect of Botox treatment lasts 3 to 4 months, depending on the peculiarities of the patient’s body.


Xeomin is a new-generation FDA-approved treatment for wrinkles (including frown lines) based on neurotoxin. Its effect is similar to that of Botox; namely, it relaxes the permanently contracted muscles and smoothens the 11s and other lines visible in the glabella area. 

The product is excellent for treating the lines in the forehead area, including glabella lines, crow’s feet, and horizontal forehead lines, as well as for non-invasive brow lift. Xeomin is also suitable for the treatment of other facial areas, but for now, we will focus on the specific forehead area and its skin and muscles. 

The key advantages of Xeomin

The decisive advantage of using Xeomin is that this glabellar filler is highly purified and void of proteins that can cause the formation of antibodies in the patient’s tissues. It is obtained in lab settings directly from the bacteria that create the toxin. This production and purification process reduces the possibility of severe adverse effects and treatment being less effective because of the body’s resistance.

The expected effects of Xeomin treatment

The main effect is targeted relaxation of muscles that cause wrinkling of skin around the eyes, on the forehead, and in the glabella area, which helps the skin regain its even and smooth appearance. Treatment of the brow area helps to raise the drooping brow line and to rejuvenate the skin of the eyes area. 

Comparison of Xeomin before and after effects

The comparison of the patient’s glabella area condition before and several days after treatment shows the apparent aesthetic improvement, which holds for a significant amount of time. 

Possible side effects of Xeomin

Side effects can include irritation, allergy, and individual intolerance reactions to the product.

Commonly found side effects

Redness, swelling, light discomfort, and mild bruising are the most common effects that arise from the product effect. They should disappear soon after treatment. 

Rarely found and/or serious adverse health effects

Infection that causes inflammation and prolonged soreness and redness is rare and can happen only if the requirements for the injection delivery were not complied with.

Asymmetry of the treated area and unintended drooping of brows or eyelids are rare effects that depend solely on the injection performer’s sufficient/insufficient skills and their experience in the procedure. 

Longevity of the effect of Xeomin

Depending on the individual features and reaction of the patient’s body, the effect of Xeomin lasts for about 4 months. 

Common Mistakes Made By Inexperienced Injectors During The Glabellar Lines Treatment

First, we see it as our duty to warn you that only professional medical specialists can perform these injections into glabellar lines because of the particularities of the skin and the possible adverse effects of wrongly done injections. The more experience a specialist has in such injections, the better the results and the lower possibility of something going wrong. 

Here’s the list of mistakes that are common among novice injectors but which are easily avoided with due attention and careful planning of the injection.

Mistakes resulting from the effects of dermal fillers:

– Wrong filler being chosen. The particularity of the glabellar area is that it is rich in fine vessels and capillary systems. If any of these gets clogged by the filler, severe inflammation is guaranteed, and in the worst case, necrosis may develop and result in severe skin damage. This is the reason that the only filler glabella can accept is a hyaluronic-based one, since it can be dissolved in case of adverse effects.

– The wrong amount of filler. Since the area is rich in blood vessels, the filler should be injected in tiny portions and spread evenly across all treated areas. An excessive amount of filler injected can result in vessel clogging, inflammation, wrong aesthetic effect, and other unwanted consequences. 

Mistakes resulting from the Botox and Botox-based products injections: 

– Excessively lateral location of the injection, when the botulotoxin is injected in the lateral corrugator muscle, which may cause brow drooping (ptosis). After the injection, the toxin diffuses into an area of around 1 to 1.5 cm, and this diffusion needs to be taken into consideration. 

– Excessively deep injection performed on the lateral corrugator. Diffusion of the toxin can cause lid drooping (ptosis), so the injections into lateral corrugators need to be very superficial and carefully controlled. 

– The injection administered too high above the supraorbital rim, which may cause medial brow drooping. To avoid this consequence, the injection should be delivered exactly into the beginning of the palpable muscle, not into the visible frowns shaped by the muscle contractions.   


What are the reasons glabella lines or 11s appear?

Technically, as the skin ages and loses water and vitality, wrinkles begin to form no matter what. Yet, the glabellar area is somewhat different from other facial derma. It is relatively thicker and belongs to very dynamic regions engaged in regular activity, in comparison to, say, relaxed cheekbones skin. 

Frequent frowning, squinting, and brow furrowing enabled by corrugator muscles are one major cause of the 11s formation. 

Regular exposure to the ultraviolet without protection and smoking are other predictors of frown lines appearance. 

Individual anatomy of corrugator muscles and their ‘strength’ are the factors that define the severity and look of the wrinkles between eyes.

Do names of Glabellar Lines and Frown Lines describe the same problem?

Yes, ‘frown lines’ is another name for glabellar lines. These vertical lines are caused by regular contraction of muscles located in the area named glabella. This area covers the spot between the brows, including a small forehead segment.

Sometimes glabellar lines are described as horizontal lines and frown lines as vertical lines between eyebrows, but this distinction is not strictly medical. Usually, the names glabellar lines and frown lines are applied interchangeably, so a patient may mention both names to describe a facial skin problem they want to solve.

Are there any other problems with the glabellar lines along the cosmetic ones?

Usually, they are considered cosmetic and aesthetic problem that impacts the patient’s appearance. However, if the frown lines are deep and permanently ‘frozen’, they can be misinterpreted as a sign of constant dissatisfaction or worries. It can lead to the wrong impression about a person and cause misunderstanding in communication. So, sometimes it’s not just a cosmetic problem.

Is there the best injection technique for treating the glabellar area and why?

The 5-point injection technique is the optimal way to deliver fillers into the skin because it enables extra smooth and even distribution of the deposited gel or injected muscle relaxant. The specialist who will perform the injection should be experienced in this technique in particular and in the treatment of the glabella area in general. 

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We hope we have provided sufficient answers to possible questions about the glabella wrinkles treatment, the causes of their appearance, and other related matters. All treatment methods described here are safe and medically approved. Choose the appropriate treatment for your patients and provide them with a rejuvenated and fresh look without extra effort or discomfort. Everyone deserves nice and healthy skin!

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