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Calecim is a brand of cosmeceutical products that is developed by a Singaporean-based company, Calecim Cosmeceuticals Pte., Ltd., after years of research into stem cells and their efficacy in correcting dermal imperfections. Calecim products are unlike other skincare brands, as they contain the Rejuvenating Conditioned Media as their active component. This patented potent protein rich solution is sourced ethically from the stem cells lining the umbilical cord of New Zealand deer. In addition, the products send “Youth Messages”—as Calecim Cosmeceuticals Pte., Ltd, calls them—that further improve skin restoration and rejuvenation. As of now, there are three Calecim skincare products available for purchase: There is Calecim Professional Multi-Action Cream, which is a pre-moisturizer cream that is supplied in a 50g jar. There is Calecim Professional Restorative Hydration Cream, which is a moisturizing cream that comes in a 50g jar. Finally, there is Calecim Professional Serum, which is a pink-colored serum that is packaged in a 4ml ampoule; each box of this serum comes with six such ampoules.

What are they used for?

All Calecim products are rich in anti-aging components to effectively improve the skin. Each product has its own specific indications. Calecim Professional Multi-Action Cream is an anti-aging corrective cream that treats sagging skin, loss of facial contours, and diminished facial volume; it is ideal for patients with dry, normal, or sensitive skin types. Calecim Professional Restorative Hydration Cream is a cream that plums and hydrates skin and helps improve fine lines, and it is suitable for dry, normal, sensitive, and combination skin types. Calecim Professional Serum is a rapid-acting light serum that reduces redness and helps the skin heal after it has undergone a procedure; it is suitable for all skin types.

How do they work?

Calecim products are formulated with effective skin rejuvenating and nourishing ingredients. The products are unique in that they are incorporated with Rejuvenating Conditioned Media, a proprietary concoction that contains a potent concentration of growth factors and proteins (e.g. collagen, hyaluronic acid, albumin, fibronectin, and peptides or glycoproteins) that are sourced ethically from the stem cells lining the umbilical cord of New Zealand deer. This protein rich mix helps restore and renew of dermal cells. Besides the unique active ingredients, Calecim cosmeceutical products are send “Youth Messages” that accentuate the skin enhancing activities of Calecim products by stimulating glycoprotein production to improve skin health.

How to use them?

Calecim skincare products should be applied onto freshly cleansed and dried skin to ensure that the skin rejuvenating ingredients can penetrate deep into the skin for optimal results. The exact directions for use differs by the Calecim product. For Calecim Professional Multi-Action Cream, advise your patients to apply small amounts of this pre-moisturizer cream onto their face after cleansing and toning and before moisturizing. Patients should massage this cream gently to ensure good product absorption and should apply it twice a day. For Calecim Professional Restorative Hydration Cream, advise your patients to gently massage a pearl-sized amount of this hydrating cream onto their face after they have applied Calecim Professional Multi-Action Cream. They may then continue with their skincare regimen by applying a suitable sunblock. The cream should be applied two times a day to maintain the hydration status of skin. For Calecim Professional Serum, advise your patients to apply this skin revitalizing serum after a cosmetic treatment or after the skin is cleansed.

How long do they last?

The time taken for patients to observe noticeable skin improvements depends on their skin conditions, health statuses, ages, lifestyle factors, and what Calecim product or products they use. Nevertheless, the ingredients in Calecim products work synergistically to restore the skin cellular turnover cycle back to 28 days.

 Are they safe?

Yes, all Calecim skincare products are safe, as they are made of extremely high-quality ingredients in an ISO-certified manufacturing plant. Most importantly, the source of the stem cells used in Calecim products are patented, which further attests to the high safety standard of Calecim products. That being said, the products must not be used by patients who are allergic to any of the ingredients present. Calecim products are safe for pregnant and/or breastfeeding patients, but such patients should only use any Calecim product once they have received approval to do so from their obstetrician or gynecologist.

What are their side effects?

Reports of adverse skin effects following the usage of a Calecim product or products are quite rare. However, since the products are responsible for restoring skin’s natural renewal cycle, some patients with acne-prone skin type may experience breakouts with the use of one or more Calecim product. Educate patients to stop using their Calecim product(s) if they do develop any skin irritations. Refer to the particular package insert of a Calecim product for more information on its possible side effects.