Understanding Cingal Injection Price Factors, Variations, and Considerations
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Last Updated On April 9, 2024

Understanding Cingal Injection Price: Factors, Variations, and Considerations

Feb 9, 2024

According to recent statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO), osteoarthritis affects over 500 million people worldwide, making it the most prevalent form of arthritis. While this degenerative joint disease can impact any joint, it frequently targets the knees, leading to cartilage breakdown and bone-on-bone friction.

Contrary to popular belief, aging alone doesn’t directly cause osteoarthritis (OA) but significantly contributes to its development. Individuals with knee osteoarthritis often grapple with stiffness, swelling, and limited mobility.

Amidst this challenge, medical innovations offer hope. Cingal, a popular treatment, has gained favor among those battling knee OA. Cingal combines the power of corticosteroids for rapid inflammation reduction and hyaluronic acid for sustained joint cushioning.

However, the cost of managing this degenerative joint disease remains a valid concern. This article will delve into the average Cingal injection cost, explore the factors influencing pricing, and highlight how Cingal delivers long-lasting relief for osteoarthritis patients.

Key Takeaways

  • Doctors need to think about whether Cingal is safe and works well when they choose treatments for people with joint pain.
  • Special deals or offers from providers like Maylips may lower the cost of Cingal injections.
  • The cost of Cingal injections is influenced by manufacturing costs, market demand, geographic location, and healthcare policies.
  • Variations in pricing can occur across different regions and due to special product deals or offers.
  • Considerations such as treatment efficacy and safety profile impact the pricing of Cingal injections.
  • By understanding these factors and considerations, individuals can make informed decisions about Cingal injections as a treatment option.

What are Cingal Injections?

Understanding Cingal Injection Price Factors Variations and Considerations 1

Cingal injections combine hyaluronic acid and triamcinolone hexacetonide steroid (TH) to treat knee pain associated with osteoarthritis. This injectable medication relieves pain and improves joint function by reducing inflammation and lubricating the affected joint.

Cingal is the only approved shot that combines hyaluronic acid and corticosteroids. It works faster and better than hyaluronic acid alone.

Importance of Understanding Pricing Dynamics

Understanding the pricing dynamics of Cingal injections is crucial for potential patients and healthcare professionals. 

When individuals considering the treatment understand the cost factors, it can help them make informed decisions about their healthcare. The same goes for healthcare professionals. They can use this knowledge to advise and make smart choices for interested clients. 

Prices can change significantly, affecting how often doctors use them and what kind they pick. Considering costs, healthcare providers might find that one shot of Cingal is better than two separate shots for pain relief. 

Factors Influencing Cingal Injection Price

Understanding Cingal Injection Price Factors Variations and Considerations 2

The landscape of Cingal injection pricing can be influenced and dictated by various elements—each factor, from production intricacies to global policy fluctuations, contributes to the final cost of this innovative treatment for knee osteoarthritis.

  • Manufacturing Costs: The expenses associated with sourcing high-quality hyaluronic acid and producing the Cingal injections can impact its overall cost. 
  • Market Demand and Supply: The demand for Cingal injections and the supply of similar medications can influence their pricing. Factors such as patient preferences, physician recommendations, and the availability of alternative treatments can impact the demand for Cingal injections.
  • Geographic Location: The pricing of Cingal injections can vary based on geographic location. Factors such as local regulations, distribution costs, and market competition can lead to price discrepancies across different regions.
  • Healthcare Policies and Regulations: Healthcare policies and regulations, including insurance coverage and reimbursement policies, can also affect the pricing of Cingal treatments. Reimbursement rates and coverage for these injections can vary, impacting the out-of-pocket costs for patients.
  • Special Product Deals or Offers: Manufacturers or distributors may occasionally introduce pricing adjustments to healthcare providers, such as lower costs when buying bulk orders, which can trickle down to patients. When they get Cingal injections for less, practitioners may run promotions, discounts, or bundled packages that affect the overall treatment cost.

Considerations Impacting Cingal Injection Pricing

Though some may find Cingal injections costly to treat issues like knee osteoarthritis, they can save patients more money in the long run with the long-lasting relief these injections provide. 

Here are a few benefits to consider when deciding if Cingal is worth it.

Treatment Efficacy

  • Revolutionary Approach: Cingal combines corticosteroids and hyaluronic acid in a single injection, delivering rapid inflammation relief and long-lasting joint cushioning.
  • Convenience: Patients appreciate the simplicity of a single shot for effective results.
  • Quick and Lasting Relief: Cingal meets the need for immediate and sustained pain relief, whether it’s the first injection or a follow-up.

Safety Profile

  • Thoroughly Tested: Like other viscosupplement injections, Cingal has undergone rigorous safety assessments.
  • Impressive Results: Primary and secondary clinical studies demonstrated Cingal’s effectiveness, supporting its average cost.
  • Minor Side Effects: Temporary localized swelling or pain at the injection site is common and resolves naturally.
  • Outperforming the Competition: In head-to-head trials, Cingal surpassed a leading single-injection hyaluronic acid viscosupplement in pain relief.
  • Retreatment Flexibility: Over 95% of patients who received a repeat Cingal injection reported successful outcomes without issues.


In the dynamic landscape of aesthetic medicine, understanding Cingal injection pricing becomes a compass for healthcare professionals. Cingal, a blend of HA gel and triamcinolone hexacetonide, targets hip pain caused by osteoarthritis. This innovative mixture ensures effective action within the joint space. Patients find solace in Cingal’s safety record, with minimal adverse effects.

Cingal injection prices dance to the tune of multiple factors—production costs, demand, and geographical nuances. Health regulations in different regions sway the cost dynamics.

Healthcare providers witness Cingal’s impact firsthand, including its advantages over cortisone shots and sustained relief. Armed with knowledge, providers should discuss Cingal injection costs as their insights empower patients to choose wisely, aligning treatment with their budget and needs.

Remember, Cingal’s value extends beyond mere digits. Consider the long-term benefits and pain relief it can bring, especially in patients who want to regain strength in their knees and lead an active lifestyle.

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1. What is Cingal injection for?

Cingal is a single-injection treatment for knee osteoarthritis. It combines hyaluronic acid for joint lubrication and corticosteroid for rapid pain relief.

2. How much does the Cingal injection cost?

Though prices vary depending on the region and provider, some clinics offer Cingal treatments at around $450 to $900 per session. You may also want to contact your insurance company to see if they can cover the cost of this treatment.

3. Is there a big difference between Cingal and cortisone?

Cingal combines hyaluronic acid for joint lubrication and corticosteroid for rapid pain relief. In contrast, cortisone is a standalone corticosteroid injection. While both provide relief, Cingal offers sustained benefits beyond immediate effects.

4. Why do prices change for the Cingal Injection?

Cingal injection prices can fluctuate due to market conditions, regulations, and distribution channels. These variations impact the overall cost of this treatment option.

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