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What is Revanesse?


The Revanesse range of aesthetic injectable products consists of non-animal based hyaluronic acid dermal fillers of varying degrees of viscoelasticity. The range is designed and produced by a Canadian pharmaceutical company, Prollenium Medical Technologies. Most of the fillers are made from hyaluronic acid that is processed with Thixofix Technology to deliver durable improvements to problematic areas.


This line of fillers includes:


  1. Revanesse Pure: This is made of non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid with a concentration of 14mg/mL. Each box comes with 2 preloaded 1mL syringes, 4-27G needles, and a product information pamphlet.
  2. Revanesse: This is made of stabilised cross-linked hyaluronic acid with a concentration of 25mg/mL. Each box comes with 2 preloaded 1mL syringes, 4-27G disposable needles, and a product information pamphlet.
  3. Revanesse Ultra: This is made of stabilised cross-linked hyaluronic acid with a concentration of 25mg/mL. Each box comes with 2 preloaded 1mL syringes, 4-27G disposable needles, and a product information pamphlet.
  4. Revanesse Kiss: This is made of stabilised cross-linked hyaluronic acid with a concentration of 25mg/mL. Each box comes with 2 preloaded 1mL syringes, 4-27G disposable needles, and a product information pamphlet.


The preloaded syringe in which the filler solution is supplied has been designed ergonomically to have extra wide finger flanges and broadened pistons. This provides added comfort to medical practitioners during procedures. The boxes are all packaged with sterile wrapping and must be stored in a clean room. Please keep the medical device in its original packaging prior to use.


What is it used for?


The Revanesse collection is perfect for treating skin with minor ageing symptoms, like dullness, as well as pronounced dermal depressions. Nevertheless, the function of each filler is as follows:

  1. Revanesse Pure: Early skin ageing is marked by symptoms like dryness and dullness. As the body ages, many essential functions within the skin cells, like the production of hyaluronic acid and collagen, are affected and their activity slows down. Even regular skin maintenance processes like desquamation (the shedding of dead cells) and cell renewal slow down. All these factors contribute to the appearance of early signs of ageing in the face, like dehydration and even slight skin sagging. This filler can effectively hydrate parched skin and plump minute wrinkles for a rejuvenated appearance. Some of the areas that respond well to this filler are the face, neck, decolletage, and hands.
  2. Revanesse: When the traits associated with early ageing are not addressed immediately, they worsen and become more noticeable. More often than not, external skin-ageing factors like smoking and pollution introduce plenty of damaging free radicals into the body. These reactive substances purposely injure cells, leading to irritation and inflammation. On the other hand, it’s not only external factors or age that affect the skin, as repetitive facial movements such as squinting and smiling may cause noticeable wrinkles as well. This monophasic and cross-linked filler has a good viscoelastic strength, which allows it to fill and lift wrinkles effortlessly. Some superficial to medium-set facial creases that can be corrected using this aesthetic solution are periorbital lines, crow’s feet, and glabellar lines.
  3. Revanesse Ultra: Some patients experience ageing in a very noticeable and drastic manner, whereby they lose important facial fat pads in areas such as the cheeks and temples. This loss of volume can make them look gaunt and sickly. Losing weight unintentionally can also result in facial sagging that only makes the folds look more severe. This volumising filler with superior viscoelasticity can easily lift saggy skin and volumise hollowed regions to give the face a healthier glow. Patients with obvious facial creases like nasolabial folds and marionette lines, or who have sunken areas in the face will benefit greatly from this filler gel.
  4. Revanesse Kiss: As the name suggests, this filler is intended to contour and plump the lips. Usually, the shape and size of someone’s lips is very much dependent on genetics and ethnicity, though the contour of the lips can alter according to age, health status (e.g. pregnancy), and lifestyle habits (e.g. smoking). The hyaluronic acid gel in this filler instantly plumps and hydrates lips with durable results that are able to withstand various mouth movements.


How does Revanesse work? 


Revanesse dermal fillers are made of synthetic hyaluronic acid, which is processed using Thixofix Technology. This proprietary manufacturing process promotes effective links between the molecules while broken, reducing the number of ineffective links. The resulting monophasic gel is therefore very elastic and viscous, and has an increased ability to resist premature degradation. The gel also has shear-thinning properties that allow it to be easily injected through fine gauge needles without affecting its quality. Once injected, the gel will return to its viscous texture and plump skin imperfections, resulting in a reinvigorated appearance.


How to inject it?


Revanesse aesthetic fillers are certified medical devices and can only be handled by legally certified physicians with expansive experience and skills in dermal filler injections. Since this is a medical procedure, strict aseptic techniques must be used at all times. After sanitising the proposed areas for correction, assemble the device by securing a suitably-sized needle to the preloaded syringe, as illustrated in the product information pamphlet. The depth and technique of injections vary according to the severity of skin imperfection and type of filler used:


  • Revanesse Pure: Inject the biorevitalisation solution into the superficial dermis layer.
  • Revanesse: Inject the filler into the mid-dermis layer.
  • Revanesse Ultra: Inject the filler into the deep dermis layer 
  • Revanesse Lips: Inject this lip volumiser into the lips.


After completing treatment, safely discard any remaining gel and used needles. Read the product information pamphlet for more information on usage directions.


How long does it last?


The duration of results provided by each of the fillers varies based on the severity of the skin condition, and the patients’ age and lifestyle habits. Revanesse and Revanesse Lips can last for about 6 months while Revanesse Ultra can provide volumising effects for about 9 months to a year. All these fillers are completely biodegradable and will be absorbed into the surrounding tissues over time. Patients can obtain more injections once the initial effects wear off.


Is this product safe?


The Revanesse collection has proven to be exceptionally safe. The hyaluronic acid molecules are extracted from a controlled bacterial fermentation process. These molecules then undergo a number of quality assurance tests, which have proven their safety and efficacy. The osmolality and pH of the temporary implants are also similar to human tissues, so they are extremely tissue-friendly with very little risk of inducing immunogenic reactions. That being said, there are still some contraindications wherein patients should not be treated with these products, including:


  • Circumstances where patients are allergic to hyaluronic acid-based products;
  • Circumstances where patients suffer from autoimmune or bleeding disorders;
  • Circumstances where patients are predisposed to developing hypertrophic scarring;
  • Circumstances where patients exhibit skin disorders (e.g. acne, rash, cold sore break outs) on the proposed regions for treatment.


Please read the product information pamphlet for more information on contraindications and precautions.


What are the side effects?


Your clients might exhibit the usual localised inflammatory reactions caused by injections.


Common side effects:


  • Pain
  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Discolouration
  • Itching


These reactions are generally very mild and should subside within a couple of days. However, other more severe effects have been reported.


Serious side effects


  • Hypersensitivity
  • Tissue death
  • Inflamed lumps
  • Pus discharge


The above mentioned symptoms must be treated quickly. It is best to educate your patients on all possible side effects by referring to the product information pamphlet.


What is it made of?


This product range consists of synthetic hyaluronic acid soft tissue fillers of varying degree of viscoelasticity. From rejuvenating ageing skin to correcting pronounced facial creases, this range can do it all. The hyaluronic acid is derived from a process of biofermentation and undergoes stringent purification and quality assurance tests to ensure the gel is free from contaminants. Some of the fillers are also enhanced through a process using Thixofix Technology to improve viscoelastic properties and long-lasting performance. Even the syringes have an innovative design with wide finger flanges and broadened pistons to offer comfort for physicians during treatments.