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What is Rejuran?

Rejuran is a brand of mesotherapy products from South Korean biopharmaceutical company Pharma Research Products. Pharma Research Products is a producer of cosmetics, medical devices and pharmaceutical equipment that are utilized in the areas of aesthetic medicine and anti-aging. These cosmetic injectables are administered to areas displaying signs of aging to improve their appearance through the enhancement of dermal quality by collagen stimulation and the promotion of skin regeneration and repair. Rejuran products are based on the activity of a unique compound with previously established therapeutic applications in the healing and repair of damaged skin for conditions like skin ulcers, autoimmune diseases, and hair loss.

  • Rejuran Healer: This skinboosting treatment contains 0.5% salmon-derived polynucleotides and is used for the reversal of signs of aging like laxity and fine lines, skin roughness, scars, and large pores.

How much do these products cost?

  • Rejuran Healer: $229 - $249

How long do the results of these mesotherapy products last?

Rejuran Healer: From six to 12 months

What are the benefits of Rejuran products?

  • Unique active ingredient: Rejuran Healer is a unique skin revitalization product in that it harnesses the biorejuvenative qualities of a novel anti-aging ingredient: polynucleotides. These short DNA fragments are naturally derived from salmon, a biocompatible source that does not cause immune responses in humans.
  • Multiple modes of action for a holistic anti-aging treatment: Rejuran products work in a multitude of ways to reduce the clinical effects of aging in the long-term. Rejuran increases the expression of a growth factor known as Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor which results in improved microcirculation and accelerated wound healing. Rejuran products also provide an anti-inflammatory effect on dermal tissue, reducing tissue damage. The major anti-aging effect that Rejuran provides is collagen stimulation, which results in an improvement of elasticity and texture and the treatment of fine lines. Lastly, Rejuran recovers DNA and RNA fragments from damaged cells and incorporates them into new DNA. This assists in cell regeneration.

Side Effects

Common Side Effects:

  • edema at the injection site(s)
  • slight bleeding that stops after the injection is done
  • skin redness
  • visible bumps and needle marks

The common side effects listed above are injection-related and usually mild in nature.

Rare Side Effects:

  • transient rash
  • bruising
  • hypersensitivity
  • infection
  • formation of granuloma, if injected in the same sites as cross-linked hyaluronic acid fillers

The side effects listed above may not be all the side effects associated with Rejuran’s products. Refer to a Rejuran product’s package insert for a complete list of side effects.