ML PDO Threads for Jowls Another Lunchtime Rejuvenation Technique
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Last Updated On March 29, 2024

PDO Threads for Jowls: Another Lunchtime Rejuvenation Technique

Feb 13, 2024

The popularity of lunchtime lifts has surged in recent years. Patients are looking for procedures designed to offer noticeable improvements with minimal downtime. 

These quick treatments, often completed within the span of lunch breaks, have gained popularity among those who look for immediate results without the commitment of traditional surgery. 

PDO threads for jowls offer dual action of immediate lifting and gradual collagen stimulation, particularly for addressing this area that can contribute to a more aged appearance. In this blog post, learn more about jowl thread lift and PDO threads.

Key Takeaways

Popularity and Demand: PDO threads for jowls are part of the trending lunchtime rejuvenation techniques, offering quick and noticeable improvements with minimal downtime, ideal for busy individuals wishing to avoid surgery and get immediate results.

Procedure Details: The thread lift treatment involves the use of polydioxanone threads, which are safe, absorbable, and biocompatible, ensuring minimal risk. The entire process can be completed within 30 to 60 minutes, fitting perfectly into a lunch break.

Safety and Efficacy: Research supports the safety and effectiveness of PDO thread lifts, highlighting their advantages over traditional surgical methods.

Considerations: While the procedure is generally safe, potential risks of thread lift include mild swelling, bruising, and rare complications like thread migration. Proper patient selection and adherence to post-procedure care are crucial to minimize risks.

Can Facelift Effect Be Achieved with PDO Threads?

PDO threads are composed of polydioxanone, material that has been used for medical sutures since 1983. In recent years, threads became more popular because of their abilities to provide face rejuvenation without surgery. 

Upon insertion, PDO threads for jowls provide immediate mechanical lift by repositioning and anchoring the skin for a more defined contour. The inherent biocompatibility and complete absorbability of PDO threads within 4 to 6 months ensure patient safety and trigger a biological response, leading to the stimulation of collagen and elastin.

Studies, such as the one conducted by researchers at Selçuk University, have validated the safety and efficacy of PDO jowl lift threads, particularly noting the advantages of serrated threads with spicules for facial rejuvenation treatments. 

These findings, along with observations from South Korean research indicating the simplicity, speed, and less invasive nature of PDO thread lifts for the midface, compared to traditional surgical methods, reinforce the value of PDO threads as a reliable, short-term solution for facial enhancement and the promotion of a more youthful appearance.

The PDO Thread Lift for Jowls Explained

The thread lift for jowls is a precise aesthetic method that uses the exceptional properties of polydioxanone threads to correct sagging skin along the jawline and immediately provide a lifting effect while stimulating long-term skin rejuvenation. 

This treatment is performed with specific types of PDO threads, such as INTRALINE® Mono M2750 for subtle lifts and collagen stimulation, and INTRALINE® PDO THREADS Cog Dimension, which features a cogged design for a more pronounced mechanical lift. 

These cogged threads are very good at anchoring into subcutaneous tissue, repositioning the skin for better jawline definition.

Being patient-specific, thread selection and the placement strategy determine the final aesthetic and treatment success. This minimally invasive technique not only gives an immediate correction of the jowls but also stimulates the natural production of collagen, ensuring long-lasting results with minimum downtime. 

The PDO threads for sagging jowls are the preferred method for rejuvenating the lower facial region, balancing efficacy with safety for medical professionals searching for advanced solutions in facial aesthetics that don’t include surgery. 

The entire treatment procedure can take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the complexity and the number of threads used. 

Its designation as a lunchtime lift stems from this swift execution and the minimal recovery time required, allowing patients to return to daily activities with little to no post-procedure downtime. 

The immediate lifting effect, combined with the gradual improvement in skin quality due to collagen stimulation, makes the PDO jowl lift an appealing option for those seeking a quick yet effective solution to jowl sagging.

INTRALINE® and Rainbow threads, ideal for this procedure, can be purchased at Maylips at wholesale prices.

Benefits of PDO Thread Lift for Jowls

The thread lift for jowls has many benefits, making it a highly demanded treatment for those looking to rejuvenate the lower face. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Minimal Downtime: One of the best parts of the PDO thread jowl lift is the short recovery period. Most of the time, patients can resume their daily activities right after the procedure, and it does not affect their routine. This benefit makes it a great advantage for people with a busy schedule who cannot afford the downtime associated with traditional, more invasive surgery.
  • Immediate Results: The lifting and tightening effect of these threads can be seen quite soon after the procedure. Such an immediate benefit is especially gratifying for patients seeking rapid aesthetic enhancements as it provides an instantaneous surge in self-confidence and happiness with their looks.
  • Natural-Looking Lift: Unlike some surgical interventions that can result in too drastic changes, PDO thread lifts provide a more natural-looking lift. The threads help to reposition the skin softly, enhancing the jawline definition and diminishing the look of jowls in a manner that harmonizes with the patient’s natural facial contours.
  • Collagen Stimulation: More than the initial lift, PDO threads induce the body’s natural collagen production in the treated areas. This physiological reaction results in progressive changes in skin elasticity, texture, and firmness that create the impression of skin rejuvenation over time.
  • Safety and Biocompatibility: A polydioxanone-based material used in medical sutures for a long time, PDO threads are fully absorbable and body-compatible. This minimizes the likelihood of adverse effects and promotes the safety of the approach for a variety of patients.
  • Long-Term Effects: The threads themselves dissolve within 4 to 6 months, the collagen matrix that they help build continues to support the skin, thus extending the rejuvenating effects for several months to a few years, which will depend on the skin condition and the lifestyle of the individual.
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Potential Risks and Considerations of Jowl Thread Lift Treatment

PDO threads are a major breakthrough in non-surgical facial rejuvenation. However, there are some risks and precautions to bear in mind. The common side effects include mild swelling, bruising, and discomfort at the insertion sites, which usually resolve within a few days. 

Rare complications may encompass thread migration, palpability, or asymmetry, highlighting the importance of precision during insertion to prevent complications.

Though rare, infection is a matter of concern, emphasizing the need for strict aseptic procedures. Serious adverse events are rare but can happen, mainly because of practitioner’s inexperience or not following post-procedure care by patients. Hence, it is very important for medical professionals to buy face threads for jowls from authentic sources like Maylips.

Patient assessment and selection are of great importance, since some conditions like active skin infections or severe skin laxity can raise the risks of complications.

With ongoing advancements in thread design and application methods, practitioners must stay updated on the latest developments to ensure high standards of patient care and safety.


How long does a jowl thread lift last?

The lifetime of a jowl thread lift can be different depending on the thread’s type, the patient’s age, and the quality of their skin. Usually, this immediate lifting effect is noticeable for 6 to 12 months, while the collagen stimulation-induced rejuvenation could last as long as 2 years.

How many threads are needed for jowl facelift treatment?

The number of threads needed for a jowl lift is determined by the individual’s specific demands, the degree of sagging and the result they desire. Normally, a practitioner tends to take between 2 and 4 threads on either side of the face, but this may differ.

What is the disadvantage of thread lift?

Though thread lifts are minimally invasive and generally safer than surgery, possible drawbacks can include temporary swelling, bruising, or pain at the insertion sites. In rare cases, there may be issues with thread migration or palpability, especially if thread is no placed correctly.

Can PDO threads be used on the jawline?

Yes, PDO threads are particularly effective in enhancing the jawline. They are positioned tactically so as to contour and lift the jawline region, creating a defined and youthful appearance.

Who is not a good candidate for a thread lift?

Patients with severe skin laxity may not be appropriate candidates for a thread lift since this procedure is best done for mild to moderate sagging. For patients with severe laxity, surgery can be a more effective option. People with active skin infections, some medical conditions, or allergies to the PDO thread materials should also consider alternative treatments. A thorough consultation with a qualified aesthetic practitioner or surgeon is essential to determine the right candidate.


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