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Last Updated On: March 29, 2024

Understanding Patients’ Motivations for Seeking Cosmetic Procedures

Published on: Jan 9, 2024

As cosmetic procedures become widely approachable, more people decide to look into boosting the appearance of their skin. With a wide range of benefits of dermal fillers, such treatments are becoming a norm.  

As a medical or aesthetic professional, you will come across different reasons a client makes an appointment. Some will want to appear younger. Others will want to target skin imperfections. And so, understanding patients becomes a crucial step in creating a pool of satisfied clients.

To help you out, Maylips guides you through some of the most common motivations for cosmetic treatments.

Common Reasons For Cosmetic Procedures

Understanding patient motivation for coming in for a cosmetic procedure needs to become a crucial element of the aesthetic clinic’s strategy. After all, the business is only as successful as its clients are satisfied.

With the correct insight, you can form your best offer and create a personalized approach for your clients. In turn, they will make you their first choice for dermal treatments. Let’s look at 5 of the most common reasons people decide to make a cosmetic appointment:

1.   Self-Confidence

The most common reason for all cosmetic procedures, in general, is the need to boost one’s self-confidence. Whether your patient has a dermal issue, wants a rejuvenated complexion, or needs face sculpting, it all comes down to their desire to feel good about themselves. And it’s a need that is nothing but natural.

As an aesthetic professional, you need to show understanding. Give advice when needed, and try to offer the best possible solution to your client’s problem.

2.   Dermal Issues

No one is immune to aging. Skin is the first thing to show how old a person is, even more so if it has not been cared for. On top of that, a lot of people experience dermatologic issues, some accompanying the aging process and some just as a result of a neglected skin routine and UV protection.

Wrinkles, skin sagging, scarring, rosacea, changes in skin pigmentation, and other concerns can be targeted with various cosmetic procedures, with almost immediate results and long-lasting effects.

As a professional, get to the root cause of every issue and offer advice and a treatment best suited to repair and prevent any future inconveniences. Understanding patients is the first step to achieving the right level of customer satisfaction.

3.   Alternative to Surgery

Facial plastic surgeries are rarely advised for those younger than 50 years old. For younger people, unhappy with their looks, it’s a long wait. And even then, not everyone is fit to undergo an operation. As dermal filler injections can enhance and correct certain facial features, they turn out to be a better alternative to surgery.

Plus, every surgery is an invasive procedure that requires preparation and a long and uncomfortable recovery. Bottom line: surgeries are expensive, and the results may not satisfy the expectations of both the doctor and the patient.

As opposed to that, dermal treatments are approachable and easily adjustable, and the procedure inconveniences a patient’s weekly routine only a little.

4.   Customizable Approach with Fast and Lasting Results

One of the benefits of dermal fillers is that they offer fast, often immediate results that can last up to twelve months, sometimes even without touch-ups. That said, some dermal filler treatments need maintenance procedures to create the best possible effect.

Now, there is a period after a treatment where a patient may experience minor inconvenience. It can last from a few hours to a few days and can include redness, swelling, and bruising, because of which clients may need to wait a short while to enjoy the results.

Another dermal filler benefit is that treatments are personalized to adjust to different patient needs and can be gradually introduced, avoiding the drastic change that some people may fear.

5.   Approachable Treatment

As mentioned above, cosmetic treatments are far more approachable than surgeries or can add up less than a long cosmetic skincare regime. While they should never be used as an alternative to taking good care of one’s skin, they offer faster and more thorough results.

The competition among aesthetic businesses is peaking due to the increased demand for treatments, and so is among brands creating dermal filler injections.

You can always lean on Maylips to find the best prices for products your business needs.


With the multiple benefits of dermal treatments come various reasons for your clients to want to try a cosmetic procedure. Understanding patients and their motivation needs to be a priority of your business to ensure you always offer the best possible solution.

To help your business create a personalized offer, Maylips is here to provide worldwide aesthetic professionals with a wide variety of professional cosmetic, skincare, and orthopedic solutions. Explore our offer today.

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Why do people get cosmetic procedures?

There are various reasons for people to choose to get a cosmetic procedure. Some do it to boost their self-confidence, to target dermal issues, to rejuvenate their skin, while others want to target dermal issues.

Who is the target audience for injectables?

Depending on the injectable, some will be more appealing to a younger target audience, and those focusing on rejuvenation are often the primary choice of females who begin to experience the first visible signs of aging.

Cosmetic injectables are approachable and offer faster results and a lasting effect. They have even proved to be an alternative to certain facial plastic surgeries.

Who is the target audience for aesthetic clinics?

Aesthetic clinics usually form their offer to suit females with visible signs of aging. These are often 35-50 years old. That said, more clinics are creating personalized treatments to all those in need of a cosmetic procedure.

What is the target audience for BOTOX®?

Just as with other cosmetic treatments, the target audience for BOTOX® is 35-50-year-old females, although more men are beginning to look into the benefits of dermal fillers.