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Last Updated On July 4, 2024

Can You Recognize Fake Ozempic?

Jul 4, 2024

With the recent rise of falsified Ozempic and other semaglutide products, learning how to recognize them is imperative for protecting both your patients and your practice. At the end of June 2024, The World Health Organization (WHO) issued an alert regarding falsified medicines used for diabetes treatment and weight loss. Besides the infamous Ozempic, weight loss drug Wegovy is also subject to counterfeiting. 

Key Takeaways

  • WHO confirmed increased cases of fake semaglutide products in multiple countries.
  • Falsified medicines can cause severe health complications, not to mention legal issues for your practice.
  • Carefully examine the product packaging to make sure your weight loss products are original.
  • Buy medications only from providers like Maylips, who can confirm the product authenticity.
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WHO Warning on Falsified Semaglutides

As stated in the WHO Official Release: The alert addresses 3 falsified batches of product of semaglutide class of medicines (of specific brand Ozempic), which have been detected in Brazil in October 2023, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in October 2023, and the United States of America in December 2023. WHO Global Surveillance and Monitoring System (GSMS) has been observing increased reports on falsified semaglutide products in all geographical regions since 2022. This is the first official notice issued by WHO after confirmation of some of the reports. 

The World Health Organisation is presently developing a fast advising guideline about the potential use of GLP-1 RAs, such as semaglutides, to treat adult obesity as part of a more all-encompassing care approach. In the meantime, it is up to medical professionals to take necessary precations while using these products.

How to Recognize Fake Ozempic 

As with other often falsified drugs like Botox, the packaging hides the most important tell-tale signs. Here’s what you need to look for to ensure you’re using the authentic product:

  1. Manufacturer’s logo: The original product contains a Novo Nordisk label.
  2. Cardboard box: Red flags include open seals, misspellings, unusual fonts, and poor print quality.
  3. Marks on the pen: Falsified Ozempic pens may have a scale extending out from the pen when setting the dose. 
  4. The look of the substance: Authentic product comes as a clear, colorless solution in a prefilled, disposable, single-patient-use pen.
  5. Product dosage: The original product comes in 0.25 mg, 0.5 mg, 1 mg, and 2 mg dosages.
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What to Look for in Ozempic Suppliers

If your supplier offers sketchy payment methods like crypto, has no verifiable customer reviews, and no sign of customer service, delivery guarantee, and product authenticity confirmation, it would be smart to start looking for a new one.

To ensure your patients’ safety, we at Maylips urge you to purchase only authentic medications from trusted sources. Maylips can guarantee the authenticity of all our products, including which come with original LOT numbers. 

For a LOT number confirmation, please contact our customer service team anytime. And, if you wish to purchase authentic OZEMPIC® and WEGOVY®, we can help you source it at affordable prices.