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How to Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Eyes for Men?

Jun 12, 2018

What are dark circles under the eyes?

The under-eye area—also known as tear trough—is the region which extends downwards and outwards from the inner corner of the eye. The delicate under eye area is prone to developing various signs of ageing and skin damage such as darkness, hollowness, eye bags, and fine lines. This is caused by the fact that the tear trough area is covered by 1 of the thinnest layers of skin, measuring <1mm. Just like women, men are not invincible from these under-eye premature ageing signs.

What causes dark circles for men?

The most common tear trough issue is dark circles. Sometimes known as panda eyes, this frustrating skin condition is an accumulative result of ageing and unhealthy lifestyle behaviours. The inevitable ageing process is signalled by genetics which causes a rapid decline in the restoration and genesis of dermal cells. Some patients experience ageing with unintended fat loss or redistribution; the under-eye fat pads may diminish gradually. The thinning of skin and fat tissues make the muscles and vast network of blood vessels underneath the skin very prominent, resulting in obvious dark circles. Not only that, the continuous rubbing of the eyes—whether done while feeling tired or to remove any irritants—may cause tiny blood vessels to rupture; hence, intensifying the appearance of dark circles. Besides the normal ageing process, unhealthy lifestyle choices like smoking and excessive sunlight exposure introduce a lot of free radicals that damage the fragile skin even more. In most cases, patients develop panda eyes if they are suffering from lack of sleep and dehydration. No matter the reason, if left untreated, under-eye dark circles could falsely make patients look older than their real age and even make them look exhausted. 

How to get rid of dark circles under eyes for men?

Most patients manage under-eyes dark circles via eye creams to reverse or, at least, soften the appearance of dark circles. Patients are encouraged to choose eye creams that are integrated with brightening and skin rejuvenating ingredients that will help to boost the repair of damaged skin and the production of new, healthy skin. An effective product is Zo Olluminate Intense Eye Repair, an anti-ageing eye cream that is manufactured by Zo Skin Health Incorporation. This eye cream is laden with retinol, peptides, and herbal extracts that will effectively improve the dark circles. Patients wanting instant improvements to their tear trough troubles may instead opt for dermal filler injections. The biodegradable filler is usually made of hyaluronic acid and is meant to be injected into the skin to instantly banish dark circles. While skincare and aesthetic procedures work greatly to improve the severity of under eye dark circles, they must first modify some of their unhealthy lifestyle behaviours like smoking, inadequate fluid intake, and lack of sleep to ensure that the results of under eye corrections are maintained for a long time.