How Long Does Juvederm Filler Last Under Eyes

What are the common under-eye concerns?

The under-eye region—also known as the tear trough area—is susceptible to deformities like darkness, puffiness, hollowness, and fine lines. This region is very prone to developing premature ageing and damage signs as the skin is extremely thin (at just less than 1mm) and delicate. In fact, these deformities can actually be classified based on their severity, which ranges from Class 1 (Mild) to Class 3 (Severe).

How is Juvederm filler used to treat these under eye aesthetic issues?

Usually, patients who display tear trough deformities resort to eye creams and makeup products like concealer to banish the unsightly aesthetic issues. While eye creams require some time for the improvements to take place, makeup does not correct root cause of the under-eye deformities. Patients can opt for dermal filler injections under the eyes to effectively and instantly correct the under eye ageing concerns. One of the most reached-for brand of soft tissue filler is Juvederm, a hyaluronic acid-based filler that is manufactured by Allergan. This cross-linked filler with a monophasic texture is meant to be injected slowly into the problematic under-eye area from the lateral aspect. The depth of the injection should be at periosteum, followed by superficial injections once the medial area of the eyelid near the nose is treated. Once administered, the filler helps to plump any hollowness present on the tear trough region. Not only that, the filler also acts like a cushion that masks the visibility of muscles and blood vessels underneath the skin, resulting in improved appearance of dark circles.

How long does Juvederm filler last under the eyes?

Following the dermal filler injection, patients will usually experience inflammatory reactions localised within the injection site such as swelling, redness, and bruising. Once these reactions have subsided, the aesthetic enhancements of the under-eye area can last for about 4 to 6 months. This long residence time is due to the Juvederm filler itself, as the cross-linked gel is more resistant to premature degradation. Not only that, the lack of movement in the under-eye area also contributes to the long duration of activity. However, this stipulated duration of filler action is affected by patients’ age, skin health, and lifestyle.