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STYLAGE® S w/Lidocaine 16mg/ml, 3mg/ml 2-0.8ml prefilled syringes

STYLAGE® S w/Lidocaine

STYLAGE® S w/Lidocaine
Active Substance(s):
Hyaluronic acid, lidocaine, mannitol
16mg/ml, 3mg/ml
Pack Size:
2-0.8ml prefilled syringes
Package insert, 4-30G 1/2
USD$109 109USD


What is Stylage S with Lidocaine?


Stylage S with Lidocaine is a cross-linked injectable hyaluronic acid gel enhanced with mannitola natural antioxidantand is manufactured by Vivacy Laboratories in France. This filler contains 16mg/g of hyaluronic acid, mannitol and 3mg of lidocaine. The gel is prefilled in 0.8ml syringes and each box of Stylage S with Lidocaine comes with 2 prefilled syringes, 4 single-use 30G ½” sterile needles, labels with the batch number, and an information leaflet. Store this package in a cool, dry room between 2–25℃.


What is it used for?


Stylage S with Lidocaine is used for superficial to mid-dermal injections. Use this dermal filler to help reduce the appearance of perioral wrinkles, marionette lines, periorbital wrinkles, frown lines, and other find wrinkles on the face. Use to treat dark circles or eye hollows. Doctors also use this injectable filler to enhance lip shape and volume.


How does this dermal filler work?


The formation of wrinkles and lines are natural signs of aging, but can leave your patient looking tired and older than they are. The integrity of the skin breaks down due to the reduced production of important skin components like hyaluronic acid and collagen. Hyaluronic acid is a popular choice for the subtle and natural looking correction of skin depressions.

The hyaluronic acid filler gel by Vivacy Laboratories is processed using IPN-like technology to increase the duration and effectiveness of the results. Hence, the resulting gel is used to help correct a wider range of skin issues. The hyaluronic acid gel is also cross-linked and contains the antioxidant mannitol. This component is vital in reversing the damage of free radicals. Mannitol also helps reduce the severity of post-injection reactions. As well, the addition of lidocaine makes the injection process less painful and more comfortable for your patients. So, your patients can enjoy a bright and rejuvenated complexion hassle-free.


How to inject


Prior to treatment, discuss the medical history of your patient to prevent unwanted reactions. Previous dermal treatments, medication and supplements taken (e.g. aspirin, warfarin, fish oil), and and allergies will determine the suitability of this filler for your patients. Disinfect the treatment area and inject Stylage S with Lidocaine into the superficial or mid-dermis using the provided needle. Avoid too deep an injection, or the duration of results may be reduced. The quantity needed depends on the area treated and the desired results. Discuss your patient’s expectations prior to the treatment. Do not overcorrect.


How long does this facial filler last?


This innovative injectable solution can last up to 9 months or longer, depending on the area treated. The filler gel will slowly break down and be absorbed by the surrounding body tissues. After which, you can set up a schedule with your patient to maintain the results.


Is this product safe?


Yes, Stylage S with Lidocaine is both safe and very well tolerated. Vivacy Laboratories produces the medical-grade hyaluronic acid molecules through biofermentation in a controlled environment. As the hyaluronic acid is not from an animal or human source, hypersensitivity is very rare. That being said, this filler should not be used:

  • In patients prone to raised scarring;
  • In patients with known sensitivities to any of the components;
  • In patients with porphyria;
  • In combination with other dermal treatments.


Stylage S with Lidocaine side effects


Discuss the expected results and any side effects prior to the procedure. There are some common immediate or delayed reactions that may occur.


Common reactions:


  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Itching


These reactions usually resolve themselves within a week. To reduce the severity of these side effects, advise your patients not to wear makeup for 12 hours after the treatment. As well, they should avoid exposure to extreme temperatures (e.g. saunas, tanning sessions, cold) until the skin has healed.


Possible adverse effects:


  • Hematomas
  • Necrosis
  • Hypersensitivity


Advise your patient to notify you if any of these side effects last longer than a week.


What is it made of?


Stylage S with Lidocaine is made of non-animal hyaluronic acid, mannitol, and lidocaine. The hyaluronic acid is processed via IPN-Like Technology to create a cross-linked solution. The density of the gel allows for long-lasting results. The mannitol acts as a preservative for the hyaluronic acid, and also protects the skin from free radicals. As well, the addition of lidocaine reduces discomfort during the procedure.

Name: STYLAGE® S w/ Lidocaine.
Ingredients: Cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid (BDDE) 16 mg, Phosphate buffer pH 7.2 and mannitol q.s. 1g, Lidocaine hydrochloride 3mg.
Volume and packaging: 2x0.8ml pre-filled syringes.
Manufacturer: Laboratories VIVACY.
Origin: Europe.
Also Included: Contains 4x 30G 1/2 needles and a package insert. A set of labels in order to ensure traceability.
Storage: Store between 2℃ and 25℃. Fragile.
Remarks: Sterile packaging.