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Best Juvederm products to buy for your clinic

Published on: Jan 17, 2023

Fillers: How To Choose The Right One

Today the market of fillers offers a wide variety of solutions for all kinds of problems you may want to tackle. So when it comes to choosing the optimal variant for patients, itā€™s not easy to decide on the specific company or product. With this in mind, we have decided to compile a guide on one of the best filler families currently manufactured ā€“ Juvederm, designed and manufactured in the USA. It is loved by patients and medical practitioners, and for a good reason.Ā 

However, Juvederm has several sublines devised to deal with specific concerns and skin areas. In this review, we collect the best fillers that can cover all your needs and that you can safely buy juvederm online from Maylips as a trusted distributor.

Juvederm: Its Composition And Its Essential Features

Juvederm is one of the most popular dermal fillers designed and manufactured by Allergan. This company is an established and famous US business giant that also creates such globally appreciated products as Botox and Kybella. Juvederm fillers are a separate family of dermal fillers specifically designed to augment and treat facial skin areas, from lips to temple cavities. 

The main advantage of Juvederm is its composition: the filler consists of cross-linked hyaluronic acid is non-animal in origin and is carefully purified. It makes the product suitable for patients prone to allergies and for treating sensitive skin areas where the filler may need to be dissolved entirely later for medical or aesthetic reasons.Ā 

The principles of Juvederm functioning and efficiency

Juvederm can create different effects based on its density and mode of HA cross-linking. 

First, Juvederm can serve as a powerful in-depth skin hydration and rejuvenation booster based on the natural properties of hyaluronic acid (its function in the human body is to capture and retain moisture in human tissues). 

Second, Juvederm can serve as a sculpting and cavity-filling agent when its thickness is sufficient. Again, the filling function is based on the natural properties of HA ā€“ when deposited into skin layers, it captures moisture and provides elastic support and filling in desired areas.

Various Types Of Juvederm Filler Products

Based on these two important properties of HA, the Juvederm manufacturer has designed several types of filler products, and each separate type is excellent for providing volume, support, and natural filling in specific facial areas. Each product was created with the patientā€™s needs and concerns in mind and with the strong belief that every particular skin area requires a dedicated filler variety that suits it best. Letā€™s look at what you can achieve with Juvederm products.

ā€“ There is a filler that creates a long-term deep-skin moisturizing effect. 

ā€“ Some fillers aim to treat fine and middle-depth lines. 

ā€“ Other fillers are designed to subtly fill high-mobility areas that need to move constantly without relocating the filler deposit. 

ā€“ Special fillers correct and plumpen such delicate areas as lips and under-eye areas.

ā€“ Denser fillers operate to fill the deep visible cavities and return the body lines to the best shape. 

Every patientā€™s concern has an answer in the form of a dedicated Juvederm filler, and all filler products are designed and manufactured according to the highest standards of safety and the recent medical developments in the field.

The Best Juvederm Products For Injections Into Different Face Areas

Now letā€™s look closer at the available fillers that can help treat and rejuvenate different facial areas and explore their specific functions.


Technically, this product is not solidifying filler but a physiological solution easily absorbed by the dermis. The productā€™s composition is hyaluronic acid (non-animal and stabilized) and mannitol (an agent acting against free radicals).Ā 

Aging causes loss of hyaluronic acid and moisture levels responsible for a youthful, supple look, but these unwanted effects can also ensue as a consequence of smoking or sun exposure. When injected into the superficial skin layers, the product replenishes the depleted supply of hyaluronic acid that is particularly visible in sensitive skin. This treatment is very efficient for the skin on the face, neck, hands, and dĆ©colletage. It distributes evenly in these delicate dermal layers and delivers a moisture boost and rejuvenated healthy look to the skin. 

Injections should be administered superficially, and the product needs to be injected in small amounts across the whole area under treatment. Its effects last for 3 to 6 months, then it is naturally processed and dissolved by the human body.

The best Juvederm price for one pack (1 prefilled syringe with 1 ml of the product plus needles) is $69, and discounts may apply for larger purchase lots.


This dermal filler has a relatively soft gel texture and is suitable primarily for the treatment of fine lines that form in the corners of the eyes and around the lips. Ultra-fine lip filling and shaping are also possible.Ā 

The product consists of highly cross-linked (stabilized) hyaluronic acid with the addition of Lidocaine (0.3%) for discomfort reduction. The cross-linking strength index is 24 mg/ml.

When injected, the gel gently solidifies through water absorption and retention. Lines are smoothened, moisture is preserved in the skin, and the skin gains its earlier youthful, fresh, and plump look. 

The gel is injected into the required area in small portions through fine needles (supplied together with the gel). The improvement is visible practically at once. 

The fillerā€™s effect can last for up to a year, but it depends on a patientā€™s body reaction. A maintenance session may be needed 1 to 3 annually to preserve the desired healthy look.

The best price for one pack (2 prefilled syringes containing 0.55 ml of the product each plus needles) is $129, and discounts may apply for larger purchase lots.


This sculpting filler is a sterile, physiologically safe hyaluronic acid gel for treating middle-depth to high-depth wrinkles. Its optimal areas of application are nasolabial (marionette) lines, lines in the corners of lips, sagging skin in natural face hollows, and, occasionally, undefined lips in need of augmenting and plumping.Ā 

The gel is on the thicker side of the product spectrum and contains a concentration of 24 mg/ml of HA plus Lidocaine. It makes it a perfect substance for providing defined and toned lines to facial areas and filling the deep wrinkles that visually increase a patientā€™s age.

After careful evaluation of the face condition and discussion of desired effects, the gel injections need to be administered by medical professionals. The gel is to be deposited in small amounts evenly across the treated area. For lips, the injections are to be administered into the mucous membrane.

The gel longevity can stretch up to a year, but since it will be degrading slowly over this time frame, additional treatment sessions may be necessary. 

The optimal Juvederm cost for one pack (2 prefilled syringes containing 1 ml of the product each plus needles) is $199, and discounts may apply for larger purchase lots.


This hyaluronic gel is the thickest and the most heavy-duty filler gel in the Juvederm Ultra line. It consists of purified hyaluronic acid with a concentration of 24mg/ml, yet its texture is more solid and resistant to deformation and oozing. This gel is intended for deep sculpting of the face, treatment of coarse wrinkles, and filling hollows like degraded skin on temples or around cheekbones. It is also suitable for advanced lip filling and sculpting.

This gel is to be administered into the deeper layers of the dermis compared to other products of this specific line. Thatā€™s why the procedure is to be performed by an experienced professional after a careful examination of the patientā€™s face. The gel is being deposited into deeper dermis layers evenly in small amounts to help distribute it smoothly inside the tissues for a youthful and natural look of the patientā€™s skin and facial parts.

The gel brings significant face-improving results, yet it consists of a substance that is naturally dissolved by the human body over time. Its effect can be visible for up to a year, yet usually, maintenance treatment sessions are necessary every few months. 

The best price for one pack (2 prefilled syringes containing 1 ml of the product each plus needles) is $199, and discounts may apply for larger purchase lots.


This filler is another one of the highly popular types of Ultra gels. It is a very smooth viscous gel of a highly moldable nature for high-precision filling of long-existing deep wrinkles. Such wrinkles that make a prolonged impact on skin can be hard to eliminate, and thatā€™s where this product comes in as an efficient solution. The gel features easy and even flow, and it spreads evenly and homogeneously under the skin, thoroughly filling the contours of a wrinkle, from its finest to its deepest part.Ā 

The gel is made of non-animal hyaluronic acid of high molecular weight and intense cross-linking nature. It means that although the gel is very supple and malleable, it keeps its intended shape well when deposited. 

Injections are to be performed by a specialist only, with considerations and precautions related to a specific facial area to be filled.

The marking XC in the product name of Juvederm Ultra XC indicates that the filler has powdered Lidocaine as an ingredient, which helps to make the procedure as comfortable for the patient as possible.

The longevity of the gel effect is impacted by the patientā€™s metabolism, but commonly, the implant can last from 6 months to a year.

If you buy Juvederm online, the reasonable price for one pack (2 prefilled syringes containing 1 ml of the product each plus needles) is $469, and discounts may apply for larger purchase lots.


This gel was specifically developed for augmenting lips and the perioral area. Its consistency and texture perfectly match the natural feel of human lips, so the treatment provides lip definition and plumpness without making them look unnatural. The gel can be injected into lip contours, deeper lip tissues, and wrinkles in the corners of the mouth.Ā 

The filler consists of 24mg/ml of purified cross-linked hyaluronic acid. Lidocaine is added in small concentrations to remove pain and make treatment an easy and convenient procedure. 

Since lips are very delicate, only a qualified professional must administer these injections. Some preliminary measures may also be required.

The effect of the product as such can stretch for up to a year, yet in the lips that are very mobile face parts, its longevity may diminish.

If you plan to buy Juvederm products, the best price for one pack (2 prefilled syringes containing 0.55 ml of the product each plus needles) is $129, and discounts may apply for larger purchase lots.

JUVEDERMĀ® VOLUMA with Lidocaine

VOLUMA gel is one of the newest additions to the family of fillers. Its particularity is a relatively larger molecular size and slightly lower concentration of hyaluronic acid (20 mg/ml). It is the first FDA-approved filler to be applied specifically for lifting the sagging skin in large areas such as cheeks, cheekbones, and chin. When injected, the product provides lifting, shape restoration, and plumpness to previously dehydrated and sagging areas. The facial contours become more defined and rejuvenated, with a healthier and fresher look.

The product can come in combination with Lidocaine or alone. Injections are to be performed by a certified professional only after careful examination and preparation.

The longevity of the filler may continue for up to a year, although the individual features of a patientā€™s metabolism can impact this predicted term.

The best price for one pack (2 prefilled syringes containing 1 ml of the product each plus needles) is around $600-$800, and discounts may apply for larger purchase lots. The Trusted Place to Buy Licensed Products with The Best Conditions And Terms Of Shipping is a long-standing beauty and medical supplies provider authorized by many global companies as their official distributor. It means that by purchasing from Maylips, you obtain strictly original products with quality and safety guarantees. As a licensed Juvederm wholesaler, we see it as our goal and duty to provide you with the best dermal fillers available on the market. We also try to make the purchase as convenient and affordable to you as possible.

With us, you get the best retail and wholesale prices for top-quality products and are entitled to free delivery if your order price exceeds a certain amount. We ship worldwide, so you may be sure that you will get your purchase safely and within a reasonable amount of time, conditioned by the point of delivery.


Does Juvederm comply with all safety requirements?

As a long-standing Juvederm supplier, we provide only the original product that complies with safety requirements. Juvederm is a safe and medically tested product approved by the FDA and European agencies responsible for the safety of food and medical products. It is made of hyaluronic acid, which is a non-toxic substance commonly found in human bodies.

Does Juvederm have particular side effects? Are they very adverse?

Since it is a safe and natural product, side effects are commonly caused by mechanical intervention into the skin layers. They usually include redness, swelling, mild discomfort, itching, and tenderness which should disappear in a couple of days after treatment.

Is Juvederm long-lasting, and how can one calculate its longevity?

Usually, Juvederm is a product that lasts for a long time after the injection (up to a year). However, different product varieties have different textures and supposed areas of injection, and it may impact the longevity of the product. The individual features of a patientā€™s body also play a role in product longevity.

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Juvederm family of fillers is one of the best options you can offer to your patients. Thatā€™s why we feel assured when supplying the approved filler variants to people all over the world. This safe, efficient, and medically approved filler product family is worth its money. It will be a reliable assistant in rejuvenating and augmenting treatments to the complete satisfaction and joy of your patients. 

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