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Popularity Of Eyelash Enhancers In The Modern World

Feb 1, 2023


Products described in this article are for professional use only and are only sold to aesthetists, plastic surgeons, and special aesthetic clinics. Independent unprofessional use of the product may harm your health.


Long and lush eyelashes give charm and mystery to the image, making it cuter and more beautiful. For centuries, poets have composed odes to a mysterious look from under thick, fluffy eyelashes. Those awarded by nature with this fortune are definitely lucky. But it sometimes happens that a lack of vitamins, stress, or some cosmetics turns a real fan into a thin growth in a few days. 

These are the main reasons for the growth malfunctions of eyelashes:

  • the negative impact on the environment;
  • an excess of hormones and vitamin A;
  • lack of vitamins;
  • chronic human diseases;
  • bad habits.

It is also possible to damage eyelashes with eyelash extensions – many girls complain that after removing them, they have to heal their own extensively. But, again, this is where enhancers come to the rescue.

All kinds of products for eyelash growth and improvement have the following advantages:

  • An increase in the length and number of eyelashes, which helps to improve the appearance;
  • Give the eyes extraordinary expressiveness;
  • High-quality products help to grow eyelashes quickly;
  • A wide range of cosmetic and medical products contributes to the fact that every client can choose the best option for themselves in terms of composition and cost.

This article will introduce you to excellent products for carrying out the procedure by both experienced and novice masters.

The Popularity Of Eyelash-enhancing Products In The World

The eyelashes-enhancing agents market has been multiplying, with continued demand for eyelash serums that promise to strengthen and lengthen thin hair. There is also an influx of enhancing products available in stores. Eyelash enhancers have become more popular due to their functional ability to turn dull, brittle lashes into attractive and long ones.

The extending availability of eyelash-growth products across online stores favors market expansion.

Eyelash Enhancer Market Overview

The Market’s Size And Potential

Increasing awareness and concern among consumers towards presentable appearance, beauty, and fashion would continue to boost the global eyelashes-enhancing agents market in the years to come. Moreover, the availability of these cosmetic products in various forms keep garnering popularity for eyelash-enhancing products among fashion enthusiast.

North America has the most significant market share due to the presence of a well-established cosmetic industry and strong local players. Besides, the focus on updating technology for advanced and new eyelash-enhancing products and massive development in the cosmetic industry drive the growth of this market.

Europe is in the second position in the global market for eyelash enhanсers suppliers. Huge fashion industries in Milan and Paris impact the market growth in the region positively. In addition, the growing cosmetic industry, developed technology, changing lifestyle, and increasing demand for eyelash enhancement driven by the improving economy also foster regional market growth. 

The market in the Asia Pacific region is growing as an up-and-coming market globally. India is the most significant driving force in the market due to the blooming fashion, entertainment, and media industry. Besides, the rapidly growing cosmetic sectors in India, China, and Corea are encouraging the growth of the regional market. 

According to marketing research, the market size for lash enhancer manufacturers was approximately $784 million in 2021. And it is projected to reach more than $1.3 billion by 2031, from 2022 growing at a CAGR of 5.7%.

Leaders Of The Industry

Players leading the eyelash-enhancing market include the following companies: Allergan Plc., Estee Lauder, Rodan & Fields, Athena Cosmetics, Skin Research Laboratories, Beauty Essentials, Jalupro, Shiseido, and others.

Variety Of Eyelash Enhancers

You will find a wide variety of lash-enhancing on the pharmacological and cosmetic market: serums, oils, gels, stimulants, etc. 

Each of the eyelash enhanсers types has features based on which you can choose what medicine you need precisely. 


Gels for eyelashes are famous for their therapeutic effect. They can be applied at different times:

  • at your leisure time during the day,
  • shortly before going to bed,
  • immediately before applying mascara. 

Gels can be used before or instead of mascara, and they are famous for their excellent healing effect.

Gels qualitatively envelop the hairs, making them stronger, shiny, and elastic. They also help to shape the eyebrows and carefully separate the eyelashes to make the look more open.


Serums are an analog of a homemade mix of plant extracts, oils, and vitamins, placed in a convenient package and supplemented with a brush for application. 

Serums for eyelash care positively affect the growth and strengthening of hairs. Enriched composition is a feature of serums, which, together with a pleasant consistency, makes this product very popular for improving the condition of eyelashes in the shortest possible time.


Oils are one of the most traditional means for eyelashes. Even now, oil-based products are characterized by a more “natural” composition. They really work if you apply them for 20-30 minutes three times a week for a month. 

Negative aspects: natural remedies spoil faster if they do not contain a preservative. They often cause allergies. With them, you will not get an immediate and noticeable effect – so that the eyelashes grow, they will be stronger, more elastic, and look darker. But it will not be possible to wake up sleeping hair follicles. 

On the other hand, the oil will not cause exhaustion of the root, as it happens with the thoughtless use of more potent remedies, has no side effects, and is absolutely non-toxic in overdose. 

You need to apply natural oils from the middle of the eyelashes to the tips without “painting” near the roots – the correct amount will be distributed along the lash shaft to the root. 

Beware that excess oil can cause swelling of the eyelids. Oil products should be used before going to bed.

When you choose which product to recommend to your patient, you should take the following criteria into account:

  • characteristics (composition, release form, method of application, etc.) of goods;
  • the ratio of the price of products to their effectiveness;
  • customer reviews;
  • recommendations of experts (ophthalmologists, dermatologists, cosmetologists, etc.).

Our Recommendations


Jalupro is an excellent example of the successful collaboration between the cosmetic industry closely intertwined with medicine and aesthetic medicine. Such a union is capable of bringing many exciting innovations to the world.

We want to spotlight this brand because all Jalupro products are created taking into account innovative methods of processing ingredients, requirements for standards, and environmental friendliness. As a result, this is an absolutely safe and maximally effective medicine, the results of which have been evaluated by women in the world’s most developed countries.

The Jalupro brand was created by a Professional Derma company from Switzerland. This is a prominent biotechnological manufacturer established in 2006. 

The company has developed highly innovative products in such areas:

  • aesthetic,
  • medical,
  • ophthalmological,
  • skin care cosmetics and supplements.

Products developed by this company have long been known to professionals in the field of cosmetology and are successfully used to solve aesthetic problems.

Our company is an official seller of Jalupro, so you can get some of the products here. Also, you can buy Jalupro Enhancer Gel online on our website

Our choice of eyelash-stimulating product is Jalupro Enhancer Gel.

This is a unique product for treating thin and weak eyelashes and eyebrows. It effectively stimulates lash growth and adds vitality and strength. 

This product is perfect for patients who want longer, thicker eyelashes and more vivid eyebrows but suffer because their hair is naturally thin and rare. This gel is also an excellent solution for patients over 40 years old whose eyelashes and eyebrows are damaged and/or have begun to fall out with age. 

Jalupro Enhancer Gel will also help people suffering from trichotillomania (a disease due to which people pull out their hair): eyelashes and eyebrows will become longer and thicker. This gel for eyelashes protects eyelashes and stimulates their growth.

The natural composition has a beneficial effect on the hair structure, enriching it with vitamins and trace elements: 

  • Red clover extract performs a protective function against external factors and normalizes metabolic processes. 
  • Biochanin A strengthens hair follicles of eyelashes and eyebrows. 
  • Acetyl tetrapeptide-3 accelerates collagen synthesis. 
  • Honeysuckle extract has antifungal and antimicrobial effects.

Due to the high content of isoflavone – biochanin A, red clover extract has antioxidant properties that help fight free radicals, preventing damage due to adverse environmental effects and other stress factors. 

Some studies have shown that biochanin A has a positive effect on the hair follicles of eyelashes and eyebrows, and acetyl tetrapeptide-3 helps to stimulate the synthesis of proteins of the intercellular matrix and the synthesis of collagen.

Recommend your patients apply this gel to eyelashes and eyebrows to improve their appearance and stimulate growth. As a result, eyelashes become longer, more robust, and thicker. This product is an excellent alternative to such cosmetic procedures as eyelash lifting and extensions.

The applicator is similar to a mascara brush, so this gel is easy to apply at home.

Before applying the gel, patients should ensure that their eyelashes and eyebrows are clean without makeup. 

With the help of the applicator from the set, the gel is applied to the upper and lower eyelashes in the same way as mascara is applied. The patient can also use it on the eyebrows. After the product dries, the patient can apply makeup.

For maximum effect, apply two times a day for the first month, then one or so a day is enough.

We are an official Jalupro Enhancer Gel supplier, so you can buy this product directly on our website on Jalupro Enhancer Gel wholesale.


What Are The Possible Eyelash Enhancers` Contradictions?

Depending upon the consumers’ skin type or individual sensitivity, eyelash enhancer products may sometimes affect adversely. 

Some consumers experience severe side effects, including the following:

  • changes in iris color, 
  • itchy eyes,
  • eyelid drooping,
  • eye/lid discoloration,
  • thinning of eyelashes,
  • loss of eyelashes,
  • eye sensitivity,
  • eye infections,
  • vision impairment. 

Safety Of Eyelash Enhancers

Such products are considered safe aesthetic treatments that can be done at home easily.

Eyelash growth stimulants are not recommended in the following cases:

  • allergic reactions to any component of the chosen product;
  • viral or chronic ailments of the eyeball;
  • increased level of sugar in the blood;
  • the high sensitivity of the epidermis to aggressive cosmetics;
  • breastfeeding the baby.

What Is The Aftercare For Eyelash Enhancers Treatment?

There is no special aftercare for using enhancing products for eyelashes.

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Everyone wants an instant effect when it comes to long and thick eyelashes. Of course, we know one of the quickest ways – eyelash extensions. But the beauty industry also offers a lot of alternative means to those for whom the extension option is unsuitable. 

Using special serums, gels, or creams at home gives a long-lasting effect of strong and healthy eyelashes, significantly accelerating their growth.


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