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New Trends in Botox Treatments 2022: New Brand and Market Growth

Nov 1, 2022


People want to be beautiful and visually attractive. Nowadays aesthetic cosmetology offers many options to improve the look and feel more confident. Among other procedures, Botox injections are relatively low cost and with clear visual effect, which explains why these injections are so popular. In this article, we discuss the newest trends in the Botox injections market.

What Is Botox and Is It Dangerous

Botox is a poison. Botox is a brand name, and the correct name for an active substance is Botulinum Toxin Type A. A botulinum toxin is a product of special bacteria that sometimes lives in food, especially homemade cans. This neurotoxin paralyzes muscles up to fatal results, such as long-term disability, and even death.

However, this toxin can turn into treatment. It can be used for muscle spasms, nervous eyelid tick, excessive underarm sweating, and some other symptoms. Of course, Botox injections are part of the modern beauty industry.

A botulinum toxin can be dangerous if it enters the human body with food. An uncontrolled doze of a toxin can cause botulism and muscle paralysis. With the paralyzed body muscles people can hardly breathe, so botulism can cause death from suffocation.

However, the history of Botox in the beauty industry is mostly comfortable. Only 2-3 patients per year in the USA report some side effects, and many of them have special medical conditions that can explain these side effects. So, the controlled dose of botulinum toxin is not dangerous or harmful for humans.

Botox VS Dermal Fillers

Botox is often missed with dermal fillers. These types of beauty injections are different, while both of them are low-invasive beauty procedures. 

Botox paralyzes the small underskin muscles on the face. While the muscles do not move, they do not move the skin and do not create skin folds and wrinkles. 

Dermal filler is used to add volume to some spots on the face. It does not impact the muscles but they fill the tissue under the skin and make it tighter. 

Where Can Be Botox Injection Used 

There are three main face zones for Botox injections: glabellar lines between the brows, wrinkles at the forehead, and crow’s feet – the corner of the eye. However, there are several more possible places on the face to use Botox. 

On the upper face, Botox can be used for the top of the nose, eyebrows, and under the eye, at tear through. These injections can correct age changes and make you look better. If you have a ticking eyelid, a Botox injection can also help. 

On the lower face Botox injection can fix a chin line with injections in the chin and upper neck. Besides, Botox can be used around the mouth to reduce small wrinkles up and down the lips. 

Botox can be used for neck muscles in the case of a stubbed neck. Also, Botox injections can reduce hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating in the underarms. Finally, Botox sometimes can help patients with chronic migraine or overactive urine bladder. 

It is necessary to understand that the area to use Botox can depend on FDA regulations. For example, Botox_tm is approved to use in many zones of the human body, and its main competitor is approved for glabellar lines only. 

However, if we review the customer demand for Botox injections, we will find a clear trend. The injections between and above the eyebrows are still popular. However, many patients want to improve the chin line and make their face shape better. For this purpose, they inject botox at the line on the border of the neck and chin. 

Another popular zone for Botox injections is a lip zone. Injecting Botox around the lips, patients want to remove the small wrinkles. Sometimes Botox is combined with lip filler injections for a better effect. 

Botox is also used for the top of the nose. The shape of the nose is a painful issue for many people, but rhinoplasty is an invasive procedure. Botox injections into the nose area correct the nose shape without risky and expensive surgery. 

Is Botox Use Increasing?

Botox use significantly increased in 21d century. The history of Botox’s medical use begins in the 1960s to Treat an eye condition called strabismus. While the treatment was effective, doctors started testing Botox for muscle spasms in different parts of the body. Some of them noticed that skin became smoother at the spot of injection.

In the 20th century, there were no standard protocols for aesthetic treatment, so for more than 10 years, Dr. Brin developed the procedures and protocol. Only in 2002 FDA approved Botox as the first aesthetic treatment. Guardian reports that year Botox sales were around $300,000 per year.

Since 2002, Botox sales increased year to year, and in 2020 the Botox market size reached $3.2 billion. Market analytics forecast a market size of $5.68 in 2028. Speaking about Botox, here we mean all facial injections using neurotoxin, including all the trademarks.  

Only in the USA Botox is the #1 low-invasive procedure with 4.4 million procedures per year and  $2,050,891,017 annual spending.

What is the Newest Form of Botox?

We call this type of face injection Botox, by the brand name. However, there is one more brand on this market, the new product Juneau. It is the newest form of Botox, with the same active substance, botulinum toxin type A. There are more brands in the class, Xeomin and Dysport, but Botox and Leuveau are at the top.

Botox was approved by FDA in 2002, and Jeuveau has got approval in 2019. Botox has a long history and more patient records to see the low frequency of side effects. Jeuveau is relatively new, it should be as safe as Botox, but it has a short proven history.

Botox can be used for wrinkles between the eyebrows, horizontal lines on the forehead, and small wrinkles at the eye corners. The newest Botox product Jeuveau is FDA-approved only for glabellar lines between eyebrows. It can be used for other types of treatment, but this can be considered off-label use. In the case of side effects, a patient will not get compensation.

The effect for both Botox and Jeuveau lasts for 3-4 months, while some patients report the Jeuveau effect is a little longer for them and lasts for 5-6 months. Jeuveau can be a little cheaper in some shops.

For any facial injection with botulinum toxin, a patient should visit a therapist, check the health state for possible contraindications, and discuss possible side effects.

Calling All Men

Male patients started using Botox together with females, but the percentage of female patients was several times higher. However, every year the % of male patients increases. Male-marketed beauty is the grooming industry and it should generate $81 billion in sales worldwide by 2024. So, all men are welcome in the beauty injections section. Men use Botox and the use will increase.

Botox for Younger Patients

The target audience for Botox injections grows not only among men but also among youngsters. Several years ago, the main focus group for Botox injections was people after 45-50. Now the threshold is lower, and people start beauty injections after 30.  

Longer Lasting Botox

Each patient wants to see the effect of any aesthetic procedure for as long as possible. The effect of Botox injection usually lasts for 3-4 months, but the new forms of botulotoxin can cause effects for 5-6 years.

Government Access to Regulations and Standards

After an economic collapse during the COVID-19 pandemic, the government supports the economic recovery. In particular, the government reviews the existing regulations and discusses the method to push aesthetic cosmetology and recover this sector of the economy.

Individual Approach

A patient does not want to visit a hospital or beauty salon several times to get multiple injections. Most of them want to pay more for one visit and do not return in the nearest months. These patients want to have a custom injection plan and individual approach.


In 2022, after the Covid-19 crisis and in time of global political unrest, the price of beauty services goes up because of more expensive logistics and higher wages. Please be aware the prices in this article are at the bottom line, so you can face higher pricing.


Brand #1. The product of the US-based company Allergan, it has been approved by FDA as a beauty treatment in 2002, and since that time wrote a long history of success. Since that time a brand has won the largest market share and hundreds of thousands of new patients every year. The only disadvantage of Botox is its higher price compared to market competitors. If you buy Botox, one injection cost $10 and higher.


A new competitor for Botox is Jeuveau, owned by US-based Evolus, Inc. Jeuveau appeared on the market as an FDA-approved treatment in 2019 and grew quickly. Some patients note the longer effect of Jeuveau compared to Botox. The price is also competitive: Jeuveau injection starts from $8, 20-30% cheaper than Botox.


Dysport, the product of French Ipsen Pharma, dominates the European beauty market. Dysport has three main competitive benefits in Europe: local vendors, lower price (starts at $4 per injection), and recorded fast effect (in 2-3 days, compared to 14 for American brands).


Merz Pharmaceuticals, the German pharma giant, has produced Xeomin for beauty treatment since 2008. The product demonstrates a real German quality with a fast effect (2-3 days) and unique purity, which makes it compatible with other types of beauty injections without side effects. However, the price is equal to American brands and even higher and starts at $10-12 per injection. In 2022 Xeomin can be more available for Europeans because of the cheap euro, but it is a temporary effect.

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Botox is a real miracle in the aesthetic cosmetology market. It is relatively low-cost and very effective. Botox paralyzes the small muscles under the face skin and Botox injections cause almost zero side effects with the main effect lasting for months. Since it is approved by the FDA in 2022, the sales have increased several times, and the market is still growing.

New trends for Botox in 2022 are the greater involvement of men, stronger government regulations, and the need to adjust the aesthetic therapy method for each patient.

*Disclaimer:  Information on Maylips.com is provided for informational purposes only. Self-medication is strictly prohibited. All aesthetic procedures should be provided by the licensed healthcare specialist after the consultation with the personal therapist. The information in this article should not be used for prescribing any medication for the beauty injections.

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