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What is the Difference Between Xeomin vs Dysport?

Oct 8, 2018

What is Xeomin vs Dysport?

Xeomin and Dysport are both injectable neuromodulators that are used cosmetically to help temporarily smooth out the appearance in wrinkles. Both products have similar formulations and work by temporarily paralysing muscle contractions in the underlying muscles that cause certain facial wrinkles, particularly those in the upper half of the face. Xeomin and Dysport both contain the active ingredient botulinum toxin A, but there are some distinct differences between Xeomin vs Dysport.

Differences between Xeomin vs Dysport

One of the most significant differences between Xeomin vs Dysport that may affect which injectable you should use to treat your patient is the onset of effects. Dysport works faster than Xeomin, with results sometimes appearing within one to two days. While Xeomin start working within one to three days, patients typically report that effects show themselves more gently and gradually. However, both injectables will provide optimal effects at around two to three weeks after treatment. Some patients report that they prefer the more gradual presentation of effects provided by Xeomin. The scientific consensus is that there is no significant difference in diffusion rates between Xeomin vs Dysport, though some practitioners, including Dr. Debra Wattenberg of SkincareRX in New York City and Mount Sinai Hospital, believe that Dysport offers slightly more diffusions. With more diffusion, this could offer better treatment for correcting an area with a lot of fine lines, such as crow’s feet, as the solution is more evenly distributed.

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Dosage of Xeomin vs Dysport

The most significant difference between Xeomin vs Dysport is the strength of the solution. Xeomin is stronger than Dysport, with 1 unit of Xeomin being equipment to 2.5 to 3 units of Dysport. The duration of results between Xeomin vs Dysport are fairly comparable, with one study with 180 patients showing that the effects of Xeomin lasted 4 to 7 days longer than Dysport in the treatment of glabellar lines.

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