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5 the Most Popular Facial Fillers Brands in 2022

Published on: Nov 1, 2022

*Disclaimer:  Information on is provided for informational purposes only. Self-medication is strictly prohibited. All aesthetic procedures should be provided by the licensed healthcare specialist after the consultation with the personal therapist. The information in this article should not be used for prescribing any medication for the beauty injections.

All brand and medication descriptions in the article are based on the personal opinion and are not endorsed by The article content was not reviewed for medical validity. Use this article for information and not for a final decision on the procedure.

In the 2020th, the average life expectancy fluctuates between 70 and 80 years, depending on country, gender, and some other factors. Unfortunately, the visual signs of aging appear at ‌30-40, and sometimes even earlier. The beauty industry offers numerous anti-age programs, special cosmetics and procedures, including the injections of facial dermal fillers.

Facial dermal fillers are extremely popular for several reasons. The procedure is quick and non-surgical, mostly painless, its effect lasts for months, and the cost is relatively low. Moreover, facial dermal fillers can improve the face, make it look younger and more attractive. In this article, we will review the procedure of facial injections, related risks, recovery period, and the most popular manufacturers and brands of facial fillers. 

What Type of Treatment Facial Dermal Fillers Are

How and Why Your Skin Loses Volume

When people are young and healthy, they usually have beautiful, radiant skin. As you age or get sick, the level of collagen in your body tissues goes down. Collagen is a type of protein that is a part of connective tissue. In the human body we can find 16 kinds of collagen, in total it takes 25-35% of total body weight.

So, normally the collagen level in your body is high, but years and diseases can decrease it. Your muscles become less strong, the bones become thinner, and the skin starts losing volume, also becomes thinner, and the first wrinkles appear.

How Facial Dermal Fillers Prevent Skin Aging

Skin aging prevention and protection uses numerous procedures, starting from the prophylactic self massage and up to cosmetic surgery. Facial dermal fillers are among them: your physician injects fillers just under your skin. This also has an effect on the visibility and appearance of other facial imperfections, such as glabellar lines. As with any cosmetic procedure, facial fillers have some risks, including the allergic reaction, brushing, and micro bleeding. However, the risk level is less than for Botox injections. Besides, the procedure is non surgical, painless; it is quick, the effect lasts for months, the recovery period is minimal — no wonder that facial dermal fillers are very popular.

Dermal fillers renew the volume of your skin and make it look younger: it smooth lines and plump up wrinkles. Before the procedure you should consult with your physician and check if there are some health issues not compatible with dermal fillers. Also, you should discuss the health insurance coverage: mostly it does not cover anti-age procedures, and you should be ready to pay.

Facial dermal fillers: before and after

As a rule, people decide to use facial dermal fillers when they are not happy with how it looks. The state of a face skin depends on numerous factors: age, genetics (heredity), general health, lifestyle, body weight, water drinking habit, environment, and so on. When it goes about a face, people usually want to smooth wrinkles and restore volume. Some of them do not use fillers at all and enjoy the natural face aging. So, there is no clear recommendation about the age or state to use dermal fillers.

After the procedure, a patient goes through the recovery period. The proper time depends on individual reactions and chosen filler type. Each patient should remember that no effect lasts forever. If you do not like the effect, it is almost impossible to remove a filler, but you can wait until it disappears. However, if you are satisfied with your younger face, remember you should repeat the procedure. 

How to Choose the Good Dermal Filler?

Again, start with the consultation with your healthcare provider. A price is not the only factor that matters when you are choosing the facial dermal filler. Your age and skin condition, allergies, and individual reaction to anesthesia and injection are also important. Let us provide a brief guide on the main types of fillers:

Your own fat. Healthcare providers call this procedure “autologous fat grafting,” They use fat from one part of your body to inject it into another part. This procedure is more painful and can leave small scars.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA). This is a natural component of the human body. Hyaluronic acid can capture water in the body tissue and give the volume. When people are young, their bodies produce hyaluronic acid, but with age, its level decreases. Synthetic HA can refresh the skin and correct some skin issues, like acne scars, burns, small face asymmetry. It can also be used for the zones around the eyes and for lips. The effect of the HA injection can last from six months to a year.

Poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) stimulates the natural collagen production in the under skin tissues. The fillers with PLLA can smooth the deeper wrinkles, and the result can be seen for two years and even more.

Calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) also works with deeper wrinkles, but it fills your face with a substance you have in bones. The effect lasts around a year.

Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) is a combination of an active component (collagen) and physical supplements, micro balls that stay under the skin. Synthetic collagen refills the natural in the tissue, and small balls give the volume.

Please, think about realistic results: there is no filler to make your skin as shining as it was at 16. Discuss with your doctor the results you want to get the recommendation of the best facial dermal filler, among all the options such as Fillmed.

Facial Dermal Filler Procedure

Let us remind you ‌about a consultation with your physician before the procedure. Dermal fillers are not recommended for patients with some dermal conditions, allergies, and other health issues. Also, we recommend avoiding the procedure in a spa or beauty salon and making an appointment in a hospital. 

The procedure includes several steps: 

  • Assessment & mapping
  • Cleansing & anesthetizing
  • Injection
  • Recovery

Step 1

Before the procedure, your injector should evaluate your face: skin tone, wrinkles, defects and mini-injuries, acne, and other skin issues. The most attention is paid to the areas to be augmented. Your nurse or plastic surgeon defines the points of injection and marks them. Sometimes they ask to take a photo for their portfolio.

If your injector finds serious skin issues, the procedure can be postponed. You should also avoid facial injections if you are pregnant, lactating, or underage — in many countries you cannot use fillers before 18.

Step 2

Each injection site should be cleaned with special antibacterial cleansing. Also, almost all injections should be anesthetized. It can be an additional injection, anesthetic agent mixed with a filler, or anesthetic skin cream.

If you have an allergy to anesthetics or are just sensitive to pain, discuss this with your healthcare specialist. Usually, the injections are easily tolerated, but they can be a little painful.

Step 3

When a face is ready, the process of injection starts. It can last from 15 to an hour, depending on the number of zones and injections. After the procedure, an injector slightly massages the injection zone to distribute a filler under your skin, to evaluate a result, and add the additional filler if needed.

Step 4

The last step before the patient goes home is cleansing up. Any marking should be cleansed off the skin.

Sometimes the patient is offered an ice pack to cool the injection zone. It is not obligatory but it reduces discomfort.

How to Treat Your Face after Facial Dermal Filler Injections

For the best result, you should care about your face after the facial dermal fillers’ injection. The time of recovery is individual, but the first 24-48 hours are the most important. For several days, a filler will distribute in the soft tissues of your face. Avoid any action that can impact this distribution. 

  1. Strong physical impact. Do not use facial scrubs; do not use hard cleansing sponges or towels. At night try to sleep on your back and do not contact a pillow with your face. Any pressure or strike can intrude on the filler distribution. 
  2. Thermal and chemical impact. Protect your face from the direct sun impact, do not visit the solarium, and postpone skin peeling, laser skin therapy, or active cosmetics. Use only neutral smoothing cream like Bepanten. 
  3. Blood vessels impact. When you exercise, drink alcohol and coffee, or smoke tobacco, small capillaries in your skin get wider and blood inflow increases. It can prevent smooth filler distribution under the skin.  

Top 5 Best Dermal Filler Brands in 2022

The beauty industry develops very fast. Every year hundreds of new brands appear on the market. However, only a few can survive for 4-5 years. Now the top positions in facial dermal fillers rate are occupied by South Korean brands. Korean cosmetics entered the global market approximately 10 years ago, and now they are at their peak. Its quality and relatively low price make it a leader in many market segments.


This brand was born in a small laboratory in the USA and then bought by German pharmaceutical concern Mertz. An active component in Radiesse is calcium hydroxylapatite, a substance that is present in human bones. Radiesse can be used for aesthetic correction of different levels — not only for wrinkles smoothing but also for face asymmetry correction. For these purposes, it comes in two sizes: a smaller syringe (0.8ml) for wrinkles and a larger syringe (1.5ml) for face sculpting.

CaHa fillers, including Radiesse, successfully compete with hyaluronic acid fillers, especially for the client with hypersensitivity to HA. However, CaHa fillers cannot be used for zones around the eyes and lips. Also, they are not recommended for people before 35 years old.


The Swiss brand makes an accent on the premium Swiss quality and no testing on animals. Hyaluronic acid in the pre-filled syringes is mixed with anesthetic lidocaine that makes it very comfortable in use. The effect of Teosyal lasts longer than from other hyaluronic fillers — up to 18 months, according to users’ reviews. Also, the brand offers the supporting everyday cosmetics that help to prolong the effect of filler.

Princess (Saypha)

The Austrian brand has existed for over 10 years. Like many other top brands, Princess produces two types of fillers, with lidocaine and without it. Two competitive benefits are worth our attention. First, the brand highlights excellent homogenization, which means the natural and smooth filler distribution under the skin. Second, this filler is compatible with the HA fillers by other brands, which means a patient should not wait until the previous fillers are absorbed to repeat the filler injection.


The French brand among the derma fillers manufacturers won the loyalty of its audience with the highest product quality and the minimal side effects. A patient can choose filler density to define the timing of its effect — 9, 12, or 18 months, which means the predictable behavior of Stylage fillers. Stylage fillers can be used for lips as well.


The US giant AbbVie recently bought Allergan, the owner of Juvederm. The Canadian-American brand became the trendsetter in the industry: thus, they invented the unique technology VYCROSS. The technology helps hyaluronic acid molecules to create transverse bonds, capture more water in the tissues, and provide additional volume. By the way, Juvederm was among the first brands that started producing facial dermal fillers with lidocaine. 

The top-5 of the best facial dermal fillers brands get updated every half of a year. New names can appear any time. However, these five brands are checked with time and million users.

Final words

The dermal fillers for the face are an excellent way to make you look younger. The fillers are safe and not very expensive, and the procedure of injection lasts less than an hour.

For better results, please consult your healthcare provider before the procedure and choose the face and lip fillers from the top global brands to avoid side effects.

*Disclaimer: Information on is provided for informational purposes only. Self-medication is strictly prohibited. All aesthetic procedures should be provided by the licensed healthcare specialist after the consultation with the personal therapist. The information in this article should not be used for prescribing any medication for the beauty injections.

All brand and medication descriptions in the article are based on the personal opinion and are not endorsed by The article content was not reviewed for medical validity. Use this article for information and not for a final decision on the procedure.