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PERFECTHA® FINE LINES 0.5mL 1 pre-filled syringe


Active Substance(s):
Hyaluronic acid
Pack Size:
1-0.5ml prefilled syringe
Package insert, 2-30G 1/2" needles, 2 traceability labels
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What is Perfectha Fine Lines?


A core tenet of Sinclair Pharma’s Perfectha line, Perfectha Fine Lines uses the might of hyaluronic acid to smooth out minimal lines and creases, restoring the skin’s youthful lustre. As a hyaluronic acid gel of non-animal origin, this dermal filler has been categorized as both biologically safe and non-cytotoxic.

The Perfectha range of products is produced at a technologically advanced French laboratory by Sinclair Pharma. Its biocompatibility has been demonstrated through intensive clinical study, and it is compliant with all safety benchmarks for injectable fillers. More than 10 years of clinical use and the global sale of 2.8 million syringes have established Perfectha as an overall front-runner in the world of beauty.

Moreover, this long-lasting injectable filler was created to bring ease to both patients and medical professionals alike. With its exceptional flow properties, it is easily injected into the skin, while its gradual and constant degradation allows patients to enjoy their desired results for extended periods of time.

Perfectha Fine Lines comes complete with one prefilled, 0.5mL syringe. This product should be preserved between 2°C and 30°C, and away from sunlight. Please note that this filler does not require refrigeration.

Established in 1971, Sinclair Pharma strives to help its patients gain confidence through the improvement of their appearance. As a trailblazer in the realm of aesthetic dermatology, this innovative company creates innate value for its investors and medical practitioners by keeping patient safety at the vanguard of its operations. For Sinclair, practitioner training, product quality, and educational tactics are of the utmost importance.


What is it used for?


Perfectha Fine Lines is placed into the superficial dermis, working to treat superficial creases, like crow’s feet and perioral wrinkles. Instantly visible results and potent efficacy make this face filler a top choice for patients around the world—especially for those who desire naturally beautiful results.


How does this dermal filler work?


Hyaluronic acid gives Perfectha Fine Liness unique formula its real power. This natural compound binds to water molecules in the dermis, filling our creases, folds, and lines in the skin. For patients, this results in an immediately more youthful appearance.

Perfectha Fine Lines makes use of E-brid Technology. Through the creation of powerful covalent bonds, this formulation reduces the consequences of oxidation and hyaluronidase in the body, allowing the solution to last longer after injection. This formulation is also extremely pliable, giving patients the naturally boosted and voluminous results they so desire. Its instantly visible effects also reduce the threat of overcorrection on the practitioner’s end, giving the patients their sought-after look with a minuscule amount of solution.

Furthermore, Perfectha Fine Lines has a low extrusion force, resulting in a less painful—and much easier—injection process. It also contains a lubricating HA Polymer Solution, which allows the gel to flow consistently and regularly through the needle. This reduces discomfort for the patient and adds ease to the practitioner’s work.


How to inject


Prior to the injection of Perfectha Fine Lines, the site to be treated must be appropriately sterilized. To ensure that the procedure is carried out properly and safely, only a trained, educated professional should inject this dermal filler.

Start the injection by depressing the plunger rod, allowing a small drop of gel to form at the opening of the syringe. Then, slowly inject the product into the superficial dermis. Note that techniques for injection may differ according to the practitioner, the affected area, and the patient’s age.

Always avoid overcorrecting any mistakes. All flaws should be fixed during the appointment, and the site of injection should be massaged after injection. If superficial injection takes place, treat any blanching of the skin by massaging the affected area lightly until it the area is saturated with colour.

Do not inject Perfectha Fine Lines into skin that is diseased, inflamed, or infected. What’s more, it should never be placed into areas that were formerly injected with non-hyaluronic dermal fillers. Never inject this solution intravascularly, as this could result in serious consequences, including embolization, infarction, or ischemia.

For seven days post-treatment, all patients should eliminate their exposure to extreme heat or cold. Furthermore, they should not apply makeup products for up to 12 hours after injection.

After the appointment, please discard any residual filler and used needles properly and in the appropriate containers.


How long does it last?


Perfectha Fine Lines has been clinically proven to last anywhere between 4 and 6 months. This may vary depending on the patient’s age, injection site, and manner of injection. Results may also vary from patient to patient.


Is this product safe?


Perfectha Fine Lines has been clinically tested to certify its safety and efficacy. With this in mind, certain patients should not use this filler, including those who have an allergy to hyaluronic acid, a history of epilepsy, porphyria, or autoimmune disease. Anyone who is, breastfeeding, under the age of 18, or pregnant should avoid this facial filler.

Additionally, patients who have inflamed or injured skin should not undergo this treatment, as well as those who have been newly treated with skin peels, dermabrasion, or other skin surface treatments.


Perfectha Fine Lines side effects


Minor reactions may occur at or around the injection site following injection with Perfectha Fine LinesThat being said, these side effects are generally resolved within seven days after the procedure.


Other common side effects include:

  • Swelling
  • Increased Sensitivity
  • Bruising
  • Redness


Possible adverse effects include:


  • Granulomas
  • Oedema
  • Allergy
  • Haematoma


What is it made of?


Perfectha Fine Lines harnesses the natural power of hyaluronic acid. This natural compound has an amazing ability to retain water molecules, making it a star player in the fight against fine lines, volume loss, and general aging.

Ingredients: Hyaluronic acid gel (20mg/ml), phosphate buffer pH 7.
Size: 1 x 0.5ml pre-filled syringe.
Manufacturer: ObvieLine.
Origin: Europe.
Also Included: Contains two sterile 30G 1/2" needles, two traceability labels, packaging insert.
Storage: Store between 2℃ and 30℃.
Remarks: Sterile packaging.