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5 Most Popular Dermal Fillers for Temples 2022

Published on: Nov 1, 2022


People buy dermal fillers to look more attractive. The additional volume in lips, eye corners, and forehead can make a face look younger. Also, underskin injections revitalize and moisturize the skin, and it also adds some bonuses to general attractiveness and self-confidence. 

Dermal fillers are part of modern aesthetic cosmetology, so-called “beauty injections”. Most dermal fillers contain the hyaluronic acid that minds moisture in the body tissues. The effect is temporary because the filler resembles tissues with time. However, dermal fillers can make 6-24 months of improvement. 

Temples are one of the most popular face parts for using dermal fillers. Beauty injections in temples improve skin near the eyes and eyebrows, make wrinkles smoother, and add volume to the face. In this article, we will review some popular dermal fillers for temple hollows. 

Why temples matter when it comes to facial beauty

There is no single standard of a beautiful face but the most common vision includes a symmetric and contoured face, proportional face parts, high cheekbones, and smooth radiant skin. The temples make the middle face part wide, softly sweeping downwards into a thinner jaw. It helps to shape the heart-shaped face for women, and better face contour for men.

How to achieve a temple lift with temple filler

Non-surgical injections, or beauty injections, are a low-invasive procedure that drives volume and moisture back to face areas with hyaluronic acid gel and other substances. A temple filler works as a mini-facelift, it pumps skin and bends water under the skin for months. 

By injecting filler into temple areas, you can give your face a smooth and contoured appearance. Enough quantity of dermal filler will fill the temple hollows, create a good shape for your face, and give you a balanced facial appearance.

Hyaluronic acid will create a cushion instead of a hollow on your temple. It will also minimize the wrinkles in the neighboring zones: eye corners, forehead, cheeks, and nose-to-mouth lines. With time, hyaluronic acid resembles under the skin, but the effect can be long-lasting and semi-permanent.

Many patients report they look five years younger and more just after the temple’s injection. However, it is necessary to understand that temple injection rarely goes alone. As a rule, it is a part of complex therapy that can include dermal filler injections in other facial zones (cheeks, jawline) and other procedures.

As a rule, modern dermal fillers are hypoallergenic and pure enough to avoid side effects. The most common side effects after the injections in temples are light pain, swelling, itching, light erythema, and redness. Mostly, they disappear in 72 hours, and even earlier.  

Rare side effects can include the injury of a blood vessel on the temple, bruising, movement of HA gel to other facial zones, inflammations, and other serious conditions. However, mostly these side effects are related to the medical protocol violation rather than dermal filler quality. So, make your beauty injections with certified health professionals only, and consult your therapist before the procedure.

The benefits of using temple fillers on the face

First, you should remember that there are many small blood vessels in this area. The incorrect injection can break a vessel and provoke bruising on your face. So, we recommend you to make beauty injections only with certified therapists and only after the consultation with your doctor. 

 With correct injections in the temple zone, several possible effects are possible.

Refill temples hollows

Sometimes the fat layer degradation results in a temple’s hollow. It can appear with age or as a result of severe diet, or intensive sports. The absence of natural volume makes your face look aged and tired. The injection of dermal fillers can fill in hollow temples, return natural volume and improve facial contour.

Increase skin firmness

Many dermal fillers help the tissues in your body to intensify collagen production. Collagen is a special natural protein that makes skin strong and firm. With age or with some medical conditions, natural collagen production slows down. A renewed collagen production is good for the skin and all body.

Reduces wrinkles

When a dermal filler adds volume to your temples, the skin around this zone pumps up. Skin stretches and reduces the wrinkles near the eyes and on the forehead.

Fast procedure

An injection is very fast, even including preparations. It takes a few minutes. You do not need anesthesia; it is enough to use a local painkiller (usually a filer goes together with lidocaine). A recovery period lasts for several days, and you mostly feel good at this time. You can work or rest, there are a few limitations to the recovery period.

Long-lasting effect

An effect duration for dermal fillers for temples lasts for 1-2 years. It is long enough to enjoy the effect. However, a filler resembles body tissues and the effect disappears. So, if you are not satisfied with the result, it will not last forever. 

Belotero Volume

Belotero is a product of German pharmaceutical company Merz. Belotero Volume is a low-viscosity gel for the areas of extensive volume loss with a prolonged effect.

Belotero Volume Application area

This universal low-viscosity gel is intended for many facial parts and zones. It can be used for small and large face areas, including deep wrinkles, lip zone, cheekbones, temples, and jawlines. 

The benefits of using Belotero Volume

This gel is very elastic, and it can distribute smoothly below the skin very quickly. It revitalizes the skin and returns the lost volume. 

Belotero Volume’s main effect

Belotero Volume restores volume and provides a natural look to your skin. It is also ideal for modeling and changing the shape of face parts. 

Side effects of using Belotero Volume

Belotero products are provided by one of the best pharmaceutical companies in the world, it is hypoallergenic and purified. Side effects for this product are rare.

Common side effects

Common side effects for all dermal fillers are the same. When a gel arrives into body tissues, it pumps the tissues and skin and adds volume. For the first 1-2 day this implant can cause unpleasant feelings, light pain, swelling, itching, and redness. With the high-quality gel the side effects disappear quickly, it takes from several hours to a couple of days. 

Rare side effects

Sometimes dermal filler injections provoke rare side effects. Despite the high quality of gels, allergic reactions are still possible. The effect can include pain, redness, inflammation, and other symptoms. If the injection procedure is violated, blood vessel injury and bruising are possible. 

How long does Belotero Volume last

The effect lasts for 6 months and longer. 

Teosyal Puresense Ultimate

Teosyal brand presents the products of TEOXANE Laboratorie, Swiss-based, founded in 2003. From the very beginning, TEOXANE focuses on hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, and after almost 20 years of production, the quality of its production is perfect. It is one of the most famous producers in this segment in the world, and it sells its dermal fillers in more than 90 countries. 

Hyaluronic acid in TEOXANE dermal fillers is non-animal, which makes it hypoallergenic.

Teosyal Puresense Ultimate is a very cohesive gel for large areas, including cheekbones and temples. It is a perfect dermal filler for facial contour correction and simultaneous skin rejuvenation.

Teosyal Puresense Ultimate Application area

Sub-dermal (underskin) or pre-periosteal. The periosteum is a connective tissue that covers bones; a filler can be injected close to this tissue.

Injection zones for Teosyal Puresense Ultimate: face oval, cheekbones, cheeks, chin, jawline.

The benefits of using Teosyal Puresense Ultimate

While there are only non-animal components only, this gel is hypoallergenic, the allergic reaction probability is close to zero.

Due to its unique viscosity, this gel can fill large areas, so 2-3 injections can give a noticeable effect. This effect can last relatively long – 18 months on average compared to 6 months for other products and brands.

Teosyal Puresense Ultimate main effect

The main effect is the correction of facial contour and deformities of the skin: folds, wrinkles, temple hollows, and so on.

Side effects of using Teosyal Puresense Ultimate

Side effects for Teosyal dermal fillers are rare, for example, an allergic reaction occurs in one in 15,000 cases.

Common side effects

Common side effects are unpleasant feelings at the injection spot. The effects can include itching, sensitivity loss, light redness, and light pain. Many people do not have these effects, and for most of the others, they disappear in 24 hours.

Rare side effects

Rare side effects include strong redness, pain, abscesses, bruising, and nodules. Sometimes it is an individual reaction, but mostly it is the effect of an unqualified injection. Avoid making such procedures with an unlicensed specialist.

How long does Teosyal Puresense Ultimate last

The average effect duration is 18 months.

Fillmed Art Filler Volume

Fillmed Art Filler by Firoga is produced in French Cosmetics Lab #1. This universal gel promises to add a French touch to your face.

Art Filler Volume Application area

Art Filler can be used for any facial zone, including lips, deep wrinkles around the mouse, nose-to-mouth wrinkles, cheeks, and temples. 

The benefits of using Art Filler Volume

The gel is easily injectable so the procedure goes quickly. 

Art Filler Volume’s main effect

Art Filler Modules can modify almost every part of a face, improve the general look, add more volume, fill in the temple hollows and make a face look younger. 

Side effects of using Art Filler Volume

Common side effects

Usually, Art Filler Volume does not provoke side effects, but some pain, itching, redness, and swelling at the injection zone are possible. 

How long does Art Filler Volume last

The effect lasts for 6 months and longer, depending on the patient’s age, skin care, skin tonus, and many other factors. 

Stylage XL

The series of Stylage products are offered by the French laboratory Vivacy. This brand is certified by European medical regulators. The main accent for Stylage products is a natural look after the rehabilitation period. 

Stylage XL Application area

An application area for Stylage XL includes cheeks, cheekbones, jaws, and deep wrinkles in the nasolabial fold and marionette lines. It can also be used for temple hollows. 

The benefits of using Stylage XL

Stylage XL can correct dehydration and loss of skin firmness. Also, the gel of 26% hyaluronic acid contains antioxidants that provide the additional anti-age effect

Stylage XL’s main effect

Stylage XL restores the balance of facial features with the immediately visible result. 

Side effects of using Stylage XL

Common side effects

Common side effects for Stylage XL are slight erythema or small bruising. Actually, the products of this brand have a positive side effects history with a very little number of cases. 

Rare side effects

Rare side effects of Stylage XL are painful feeling, itching, swelling, and sensitivity. 

How long does Stylage XL last

The average effect duration is 12 months, depending on skin type, care, age, and other factors. 

Stylage XXL

Another product of the Stylage brand, Stylage XXL, is specially created for large injection zones. The producer promises a flexible and plastic gel, which can ensure a natural-looking effect and bring back the fading facial shapes. 

Stylage XXL Application area

Application areas for Stylage XXL are the cheeks, cheekbones, face oval, and temples. 

The benefits of using Stylage XXL

Stylage XXL is a dermal filler of high viscosity for large facial zones. Due to its consistency, a gel does not move to another facial zone and ensures the long-term effect. 

Stylage XXL’s main effect

The main effect of Stylage XXL is the volume restoration for the large zones – cheeks, temples, and jawline. This gel is not the best fit for the moving face parts like lips, mostly it is created for stable zones. Also, the gel is enriched with antioxidants, 

Side effects of using Stylage XXL

Common side effects

The gel is pure and hypoallergenic, so the side effects are rare. The most common effects are redness, swelling, itching, and light pain. 

Rare side effects

Rare side effects are related to the incorrect injection procedure and can include bruising, hematomas, blood vessel injury, and other unpleasant effects. 

How long does Stylage XXL last

An average effect is 9-12 months, depending on age, skin type, general health condition, skincare, and other factors. 


Why do we lose volume in the temples?

Losing volume in skin and body tissues is a natural part of the aging process. Approximately after 20 years old the processes of aging start in our bodies. Soft tissues and bones slowly degrade – in particular, bones start losing calcium and become fragile. Soft tissues lose collagen and elastin because the production of these substances slows down. 

With the process of aging, the skin and underlying tissues lose moisture. Also, a face’s skin and tissue move down under its weight, and the temple zone skin becomes thinner. So, the natural temples’ volume slowly disappears, and the supporting tissues change in structure. That is why we lose volume in temples.  

Who is vulnerable to getting hollow temples on the face?

Actually, almost all are vulnerable to getting hollow temples on their face with age. At the age of 80-90, it is hard to find somebody with a good natural volume in this face zone. Bones and body tissue degrade and lose elasticity and strength. A skin that also loses volume and sags. Unfortunately, this is a part of aging, a natural process that cannot be reversed. However, it is possible to refill the temples with the dermal fillers and return a volume for some time. 

Also, some people are more prone to getting hollow temples because of their individual issues. It can be insufficient cardiovascular activity because the temple hollows are sensitive to it. Sportsmen sometimes lose fat and provoke the formation of hollow temples. 

What fillers are used for the temple’s reflation?

In this article, we describe several popular temple fillers by different brands. In general we recommend choosing dermal fillers with the following options: 

– High viscosity – is better for temples than low viscosity

– Effect duration 1-2 years

– A filler can be used for large zones

– Dermal filler with lidocaine to reduce the unpleasant feelings during the injection (only if you don’t have an allergic reaction to lidocaine) 

– Hypoallergenic 

– A filler is compatible with other beauty procedures and injections

– A filler stimulates natural collagen production 

Check for the newest products of different brands on our website. 

Will the filler in the temples lift the eyes?

Actually, a dermal filler for temples is not intended for eye lifting. Its main task is to fill and revitalize the temple hollow to return fine face contour. However, in some cases, a dermal face filler increases the skin tension on the temples. So, it pulls on the skin near the eyes, especially near the outer eye corner. At this zone, the crow’s feet wrinkles can become smoother. It can also make the skin on the forehead. However, if you have deep wrinkles around your eyes and want to lift skin here, you should find an aesthetic therapy for this zone separately. 

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When it comes to dermal fillers, people often talk about lips, then eye zone, cheeks, and chin. The temples are not a very obvious zone for subdermal injections. However, the beauty injection in the temples zone can improve the face contour, reduce the eye wrinkles, make the forehead skin smoother, and increase general attractiveness. 

A problem with temples is that the underskin fat layer can degrade with age, weight loss, or after disease. The degradation of the fat layer results in temple hollows. People cannot recognize the problem but they notice a face that looks aged and tired. 

The use of hyaluronic dermal fillers for temples can restore volume and revitalize skin. There is no universal dermal filler that is perfect for all, so we’d recommend choosing from the most popular brands. Choosing a filler for temples find the one for the large zone. It should have an average to high viscosity and high purification. 

 The temples are rich with small blood vessels, and low-quality filler and unskilled healthcare practitioners can result in bruises, hematomas, local inflammation, and other unpleasant side effects. 

You should also remember that the temple injection rarely goes solely. Prepare for the series of costly injections in various face zones. Despite the use of local anesthesia, the injections can be painful. Also, you should follow the rules of skincare, eye care, sun care, and so on, to minimize side effects. The good news is that for dermal filler you can wait for long-term effects after a relatively short rehabilitation period. 

*Disclaimer:  Information on is provided for informational purposes only. Self-medication is strictly prohibited. All aesthetic procedures should be provided by the licensed healthcare specialist after the consultation with the personal therapist. The information in this article should not be used for prescribing any medication for the beauty injections.

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