What You Should Know About Radiesse for Hands

How does age affect the hands?

Ageing affects all parts of the body, and the hands are no exception. From loss of strength and grip, tremors, increased stiffness and lack of mobility, the hands show the signs of ageing in many ways. However, one of the first signs of ageing in the hands is a more cosmetic concern, but one that can affect the happiness of your patients nonetheless. Lines and wrinkles develop in the hands because the skin loses its ability to retain moisture, which can lead not only vein becoming more visible and a thin, papery appearance, but it can also lead to skin becoming dry and itchy.

Radiesse for hands

However, there is something you can offer to patients who are unhappy with the aged appearance of their hands. Radiesse for hands is the only dermal filler treatment for the hands that have been proven to offer instant volume restoration. Radiesse, which is a hyaluronic acid-based filler, is able to instantly hydrate and plump up the skin of the hands, leading to a smoother, wrinkle-free appearance. The FDA has approved Radiesse for hands for safe and effective correction of volume loss, and its smooth formula provides natural-looking results. Treatment with Radiesse for hands can take place in office and will help reduce to the appearance of veins and tendons as well as wrinkles and provides results that can last up to a year.

Side effects of Radiesse for hands

Treatment with Radiesse for hands is proven to be safe and effective, though there are some mild, temporary side effects that may occur. These include:

  • Bruising;
  • Redness;
  • Local side effects such as pain or itching at injection site.

These mild reactions that may occur when using Radiesse for hands are temporary and should resolve themselves within a week without intervention.